The researched secrets
of ageless living and longevity 

How does the whole idea about ageless living, or living forever change when you think about what it takes from a biological perspective to achieve that.  Think about how these astonishing facts change what you might have felt was possible:

  • Someone with multiple personality disorder can have full blown diabetes in one personality but have no sign of it in another? Does that mean that in one state of consciousness our biology can be completely different even in the same body?  If so, how does that affect health and longevity habits?
  • Women who believed they would have a heart attack were 4x more likely to die than if they didn't believe that (regardless of their weight)? 
  • Simply signaling their biology that they were 20 years younger for a week, had participants looking and feeling younger, and their biological age markers like blood pressure, skin thickness and mental acuity improving significantly.
  • When researchers give people a few doses of a narcotic pain reliever and then replace it with a placebo, patients still get the same pain relief and the same centers of the brain light up?

It's clear that when it comes to and ageless body, or living forever there is a strong mind body connection that plays powerfully through our cells - we need to harness that power. Our cultural belies, as well as our own personal perceptions, play a major role in our health and longevity, as those ageless living wonders who live past 100 reveal.  And what we believe and how positive we are about aging change how our brain and body work.

ageless living tips from centenarians

  1. Don't be chronically distressed about your body size - (the 90+ study done by Dr. Claudia Cawas in California found people who lived long lives were 'overweight' at age 70 - but avoid being too thin or too large).  And Dr. Mario Martinez who has interviewed almost 500 people over the age of 100 around the globe described many of them as 'quite hefty'.
  2. Don't count calories or watch you diet neurotically - have a relaxed attitude towards food.  
  3. Don't follow the herd and take diet pills - centenarians are rebels who don't take much medication - period.  
  4. Have eating rituals like breaking bread with others.
  5. Don't cut out whole food groups - there are apparently no vegan centenarians, nor is there any one diet that all groups of centenarians eat which tells me diet isn't the 'silver bullet' we sometimes are made out to be.  
  6. Eat in moderation and with mindful joy.  You'll digest better, get more nutrients from the same food, and have way fewer digestive complaints.
  7. Stop stressing about conforming to current standards of beauty  - Centenarians have a deep sense of worthiness from the inside out.  While they take pride in looking after themselves, it would be unusual for them to stress about wrinkles or even signs of aging.  
  8. Have a positive attitude towards aging.  It's been proven to be one of the healthiest longevity habits centenarians have.
  9. Don't exercise obsessively - do stay naturally active, keep your muscles strong, your body flexible and your balance in tact and have fun moving. 
  10. Don't compare yourself to others, or indulge in envy and never devalue yourself - you're inherently valuable.
  11. Have people to care for, and people who care about you.
  12. Don't sit alone and watch television.  You'll lose your memory faster than you know.  Get out often and do things. It's one of the biggest longevity secrets there is.
  13. Laugh often and with your whole body.
  14. Have a sense of humor, those who live ageless lives find life funny and it shows.  There is often a LOT of gentle teasing around them.  They love to tease and retorting back to teasing keeps them mentally sharp and alive.
  15. Have a life with passion, purpose and meaning and don't let your age define you.

HEALTH IS WEALTH HEALTH . after all, what use is wealth if you don't have the health and longevity to enjoy it?  

 The oldest ageless living person I've heard of was 256 years old when he died. In 1749, at the age of 71, Li joined the Chinese army as teacher of martial arts.  He was said to be a much-loved figure in his community, marrying 23 times and fathering over 200 children. Li when asked what his secret was to longevity said: “Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.” 

AGELESS LIving Tips: You mind-body and biology

How distressed and disempowered are the cultural story be they about how you are 'supposed to look", supposed to act', or "supposed to be?"  What is all this stress doing to your health?  You need enough stress to challenge and empower you, that's a health-enhancer.  However, stress that distresses and disempowers you is a health-eroder.

Has you culture climbed under your skin and into your cells?  Chronic stress like body shame, eating shame, exercise shame changes gene activity of immune cells before they enter the bloodstream so that they’re ready to fight infection or trauma — even when there is no infection or trauma to fight. This then leads to increased inflammation. Many chronic diseases that are blamed on weight, are linked to increased inflammation.

Become body-wise:  understand that your body is constantly eavesdropping on your thoughts and instantaneously responding at a biological level with either health-eroding or health-enhancing biochemistry.

PS: You are beautiful exactly as you are:  You are worthy exactly as you are. You are 'good enuff' exactly as you are. And when you believe that, your body with respond with health hormones and endorphins that make you look and feel younger AND you will literally have younger biology.

follow those centenarians....
become a rebel
don't follow the herd
It's how to live and age well

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