Cari Corbet-Owen - Media package

I've had the privilege of doing a lot of work in the media usually because of my unconventional way of looking at health issues, but also because of my outspokenness.  And I've been working in the health field for many years first in the area of pregnancy loss, then weight and body and more recently I've turned my attention to researching and working in the areas of living and aging well.

cari - oprah of africa?

Yes, it's what I was dubbed in one newspaper article about the work I was doing and I was thrilled and delighted with O magazine featured my book published by Oshun:  Mind over Fatter

And while I don't have Oprah's fame or fortune...we do have much else in common as told in this Toastmasters speech.

on TV

in magazines

Over the year's my (of†en controversial) views on health have been featured in many magazines either in the form of articles I've written or.....

the times I've been asked to give opinions in magazines....

on radio

The many times I've been interviewed on the radio....Here's one interview with Radio702

in newspapers

in journals

As a health expert 

as a consultant

I was fortunate enough to be asked to be the consulting psychologist to SANEP - The South African Nutrition Expert Panel

making of the mind over fatter documentary

Unfortunately this project never worked out in a way I felt I could put my name to it, so it got nixed...but nevertheless we had great fun filming this with a group of 'Mind over Fatter' pilgrims.