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Children eating vegetables

If you're looking for ideas on children eating healthy, and children eating vegetables made simple, you've come to the right place. It's a subject close to my heart.

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No matter where I've done workshops, a common question I'm asked by parents revolves around concerns about healthy eating for their children. Everywhere I go I hear about finicky eaters who won't eat vegetables. I hear about tension at the dinner party and the coaxing, bribing and even punishment metered out to children who won't eat vegetables.

I also hear about the confusion that all the nutritional debates cause for parents. I mean - is butter really worse or better than margarine? It seems there is so much contradictory diet advice that it's no wonder parents are confused. Who can blame you?

Getting children to eat healthy - and to sort through all the nutritional mish mash - is something I've been studying for years and it's what I've researched and written about in my book Children Eating Healthy the Easy Peasy Way

However, there is one food where there is no debate, everyone knows that getting children to eat vegetables is the key is the biggest part of the age old mealtime struggle.

Children Choosing Healthy Foods