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This is a HAES® (Health at Every Size) Sitemap that gives you a list of everything on the Body-Wise Perfect-Size website to do with: 

how to.. stop dieting (unless you're talking about a diet of self-love), stop food addictions and obsessions and learn to be an intuitive eater, stop hating your body.

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Diet Myths and Diet Cons

The Ditch diets live light Intuitive Eating sitemap really looks at the whole question of whether there are diets that work....and really, there aren't!

Health and diet myths abound. When we buy into them we believe they are true. But are they?  And what diets really do work?

The goal is weight loss. Weight loss lie #1: Find out why the goal HAS to be health gain and not weight loss. You really can be healthy at every size.

Thin is healthy - fat is bad. Health myth #2:  Why thin isn't always healthy - fat isn't always bad.

The goal is to change your body.Diet myth #3:  Why the focus has to be changing your mind rather than changing your body. 

All you need is diet motivation. Weight loss lie #4:  Your lack of diet motivation isn't responsible for in the repeated failure of diets. 

Focus on your body. Diet lie #5:  Why making your body the point of focus isn't the way to do. 

Weight loss 'success' stories. Weight loss industry con #6: This is one of my favorite weight loss industry diet cons of all times. 

Dieting reduces obesity. Diet lie #7:  We are dieting ourselves fatter, not thinner! Yes...honestly! 

Body composition. Diet myth #8:  to see how those lose weight quick diets change our body composition and slow down our metabolism. 

Attaining that 'ideal' body.  Diet con #9:  What qualifies as the ideal body? You may be surprised. 

One size fits all. Diet lie #10:  The one plan fits all approach doesn't and can't ever work. 

Fat-free, sugar-free products help weight loss.  Diet food myth #11:  Those diet products keep us fat. 

'Thin' is the major determiner of your health.  Health myth #12:  I think this is probably the most dangerous diet con of all.... (this is fascinating!). 

HAES® Sitemap to Stop Dieting

LIVING WITHOUT DIETING? Are you questioning whether you're overweight and how to stop dieting? 

Diet Mentality:  Katcha Sanderson, mod at the Intuitive Eating forum, shares her wisdom on how to recognize and combat the diet mentality.

Tired of dieting:  If you're tired of dieting you are not alone - read all the things these repeat dieters say. 

Stop dieting and live If you're tired of dieting his diet poem will make you smile. 

Best Weight Loss Plan:  What is a best weight loss plan - and is weight loss necessary? 

How to lose weight Naturally:  Offers a 5-pronged body-wise intuitive eating approach that will help you lose weight over time IF your body (not your mind) needs to. 

Body-wise and Natural Size:  Apply these natural body-wise weight tips that will release you from dieting. Ironically it's often when you give up on dieting and follow intuitive eating principles that your weight starts going down. 

Dieting Fads: Many weight loss products claim they are diets that work but do they really 'work'? Find out here. 

Intuitive Eating Success Stories: Can being a diet failure have an unexpected success! What exactly is a diet failure? How can you benefit from being one? 

Don't diet: unless you want to get fatter. Diets can't work for well documented psychological and biological reasons. 

Diets that work:  it's a question many people ask - which are diet's that work.  You may be surprised by what you read.

Diet-less Weight Loss: Diet products hoodwink us and they don't work. Your body knows best.

Regaining weight: seems to be what always follows your diet? Ever wondered why it happens so fast? Find out about weight regain here.

International No Diet Day: is about the 6th of May when International No Diet Day is celebrated. Wear a light blue ribbon and find out what it means. 

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The Weight Loss Industry

FALSE PROMISES OF THE WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY The weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars. Not just the pills and potions but also well established weight loss methods like Weight Watchers and others. Here I discuss the psychological reasons they may or may not work for you. 

Weight Loss Surgeries: They're done in the name of health - but how healthy are they?

After weight surgery: This is the true life story of one women who had weight loss surgery.

Mediterranean/Low Fat diets: Which diet is better and what questions should we still be asking? 

Spiritual fasting:  What's the difference between Oprah's detox diet and spiritual fasting? 

The Jenny Craig Diet:  So the Jenny Craig program and Kirstie Alley are parting ways - so why am I not sad to see that?

The Biggest Loser: I sit and watch this program with horror at the erroneous messages it send out. See why here.

Weight Watchers:  The say it's not a diet - but isn't this just the same old diet but with a face-lift?

HAES® website about having a...
Healthy Self Image

A HEALTHY BODY IMAGE is essential to a healthy happy life. That's what we're hoping finding a diet that works will help us achieve - the peace and serenity of feeling 'at home' in our own body.

Healthy Mind:  How we think about our bodies contributes more to our emotional wellness than our shape and size.

Self-Love:  why you need to drop dieting but binge on a diet of self-love and self-compassion.

Thought-power:  the law of attraction, Dr Candace Pert, Dr David Lipton and kinesiology prove that the power of thought is more important than thin to your health.

Weight loss Secrets:  discusses how the secrets to weight loss aren't to be found in food and exercise, but in the laws of attraction.

Attraction Law & weight:  discusses how by focusing on fat we get fatter.

Quantum energy:  using the secret messages in water work of Masaru Emoto and Dr. David Hawkins, this discusses vibrational frequency and how that affects our body .

A mental diet:  Candace's story about how she realized she needed a journey of the mind and not the body. 

Mind Makeover:  Diet and swallow pills all you want, even if you become a thinderella, your ‘fat mind’ will still keep your body critic alive if you haven’t had a mind makeover.

Stop Self Hatred:  10 tactics to reduce self hatred and increase self love.

Ways and Activities to build self-esteem.  You'll love these 5 practical and powerful methods of improving your self esteem.

Self Esteem Lesson: Imagine the self esteem lesson you have to learn leads you to the freedom of never having to diet ever again - it's possible and I can show you how.

Brain chemistry:  How do you thoughts and resultant neuropeptides and neural pathways affect your health?

I hate my Body: How does your heart and your neural pathways react to these kinds of stressful thoughts?

The stress of dieting:  How does the stress of constantly monitoring what you eat and hating your body affect your body?

HAES® and having a Healthy Body Image

BODY IMAGE It's easy to think dieting solves poor self esteem - but does it really? Or is this another diet myth perpetuated by the diet industry? 

Slimming for summer :  So you want that bikini body NOW! Read this before you buy those diet pills.

Body image and photoshopping: affected by photoshop images? Watch an amazing video on how media photo-shop images con us and fuel our bad body image.

Body Matters:  how to look at your body through kind eyes.  How to start loving and accepting yourself.

Body Image Quotes: how to use body image quotes to built your self esteem.

I'm in love with myself:  the remarkable energy that the 6 ft 5 (6 ft 9 with heels on) Libra Forde puts out that will motivate and inspire you.

Optimal body weight: is something that is much contested even amongst body and weight loss experts. How do we determine what is optimal for us?

One Size Fits All:  So does one size fit all fit your life? The fashion and diet industries seem to think so. But what about your uniqueness? Become bodywise and sizewise.

The diet evolution :  means that in the era of the Rubens fat was thought of as a health reserve, Then fat was out, thin and diets were in.... so where are we now?

The beauty revolution :  Oprah's talking about it, so is Tyra Banks and Dove...what is it and why might we have to fight for it?

Saying no: Saying no can be a way to saying yes to vibrant health. Written by guest author Cheryl Jones.

Male Body Image :  discusses how the male body image has changed historically.

Self-Acceptance:  for me wasn't just throwing up my hands and saying I give up. Rather it was finding a quiet and gentle space of self-love. It was like coming home to myself.
Watch a fabulous video clip on size acceptance.

Going Naked: wasn't my choice, but it forever changed my severe case of body image issues. 

Social Nudity: how a happy nude showed me the true meaning of being a happy size - and how you find no incidences of eating disorders in naturalist villages.

The therapeutic benefits of massage which could contribute to emotional wellness are often not experienced by overweight people because of their shame at their bodies.

A watsu massage for me was an empowering and amazingly moving experience - would it be for you.

An aquamassage is a great alternative if you don't want another human touching you.

A touching massage . One that brought my body fears to the forefront but landed up touching me in an unexpectedly gentle way.

HAES® Sitemap for...Body-Wise Eating

HEALTHY EATING vs DISORDERED EATING:  Discusses how Healthy Eating is intuitive eating, Eating disorders are caused by dieting. 

Intuitive Eating.  A 'must-do' exercise that teaches you how to eat with enjoyment.  And don't forget to catch up on intuitive eating success stories.

Happy eating.  Tired of feeing guilty about the way you eat? Learn how to eat guilt free and happily.

Being Body-Wise. How to tune into the inner wisdom of your body and allow your eating habits to be lead by it's wisdom.

Diet Foods. Do you eyes scan grocery shelves looking for diet food products? Are they really all they are cracked up to be?

Food myths. The food industry is great at conning and lying to us - find out how they do that. 

Food advertising lies. Get our fabulous food advertising lies report - this is eye-opening

Emotional eaters. Do you eat when you're feeling mad, bad, glad or sad? If so this article of emotional eating is for you. What are your emotional eating triggers and how do you overcome them?

Food Cravings.Do you ever find yourself craving a certain foodstuff - it could be because of old food memories.

Food Pre-occupation.  Ever found that you go on diet only to become much more obsessed and preoccupied with food and eating? You're not alone.

Food phobias. How do food phobias come about? And what is yours about - texture, taste, a memory? 

Breakfast buzz.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- right? Well read this before you really decide.

Breakfast around the world. What is eaten in Spain, Russia, Egypt and many more?

International No Diet Day Every year this day celebrates that diets don't work and encourages you to take a day away from dieting.

World Food Day. Celebrate world food day - here's how and why.

Healthy Recipes for Kids and Families: Recipes even your children will find yummy which will help them eat more fresh produce.

HAES® website for Eating Disorders

EATING DISORDERS can be extreme. I know first hand… from food addiction and compulsive eating to life-threatening eating disorders. Dieting causes Eating disorders and some pretty disordered eating too.

Disturbed Body Image:  How your attitudes, habits, and how comfortable, alive and vibrant you feel in your body than your size or shape. 

Anorexia Nervosa:  is someone you know heading there? Are they emaciated but deny it? Are they becoming more socially isolated?

Anorexia and Dieting:  I got anorexia through dieting, you can too.

Anorexia and too skinny models: Countries are recognizing the danger of images presented in creating eating disorders.

Bigorexia: Are you into musclebuilding and or steroids? Muscle dysmorphia is also known as bigorexia or the Adonis complex or muscle dysmorphia? 

Binge Eating disorder What is binge eating disorder / compulsive eating disorder? Who gets it and why? Do you find yourself in regular and uncontrollable feeding frenzies?  

Bulimia Nervosa What is it? Who does it affect? What are the symptoms of bulemia and is it affecting someone you know?  

Drunkorexia (also spelt drunk-arexia) is slang for cutting calories so you can still have fun and party without putting on weight. It's common amongst college students - and it's a dangerous.  

Drugorexia is slang for using speed or amphetamine-based pills to take away your hunger.

Exercise Bulimia is healthy exercise taken to extremes. Can you exercise too much and can it be dangerous? Find out here! 

Night eating syndrome isn't just raiding the fridge at night, nor is it bingeing - it's not just an indulgence - it has a hormonal pattern too.  

Orthorexia Nervosa: Do people say you’re a health nut, food faddist? Is it possible to be overly obsessed with preservatives, colorants, organic food and eating healthily?  

EATING QUIZZES: These eating disorder quizzes will help you know if you're on the path to: Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating disorder, Nighttime eating, Exercise bulimia, Bigorexia and Orthorexia and trapped in Diet City.

Anorexia Nervosa quizz: Are you or a loved one on the road to Anorexia Nervosa? Take our eating disorder quiz to find out if there is reason for concern and whether you need to get professional help.

Bigorexia quizz: will tell you if you have a musclebuilding obsession and the Adonis complex? Take our quizz.

Binge Eating: Take our binge eating disorder quizz and find out if you suffer from a compulsive eating disorder where you can't control your eating urges and land up binge eating.

Bulimia Nervosa: take this quizz to find out if you have reason to be concerned about yourself or a loved one who might be bulemic.

Exericse bulimia:  is when exercising well has become exercising hell. Take our exercise bulemia quizz to see if you or a loved one should be concerned.

Nighttime eating disorder:  Do you eat little during the day but then raid the fridge at night? Take our night eating disorder quizz.

Are you a health nut:  obsessed with eating as purely and healthily as possible? Take our eating disorder quizz and find out.

HAES® website for Exercise and Play

And of course any Health at Every size sitemap wouldn't be complete without a section on exercise. But I'm willing to bet you'll find these ideas different and exciting.

EXERCISE MYTHS Open any magazine and there is exercise information galore.But what are some of the exercise myths and more importantly what will work for you? 

Exercise pain:  so you hear all the time to push through the pain. But wait a minute isn't pain there for a good reason? 

Join a gym: The 'experts say' the only way to go is to join a gym: your fat will melt away and you'll be happy for ever after. But is that the only way? 

No pain no gain? would have you believe that if you aren't dying when you're exercising, it's not a good thing. Personally I think that's a load of baloney. 

Right exercise  Right exercise - we're told there's a right way and a wrong way to exercise. Is this always true? There is a correct way to exercise - check it out here!

What is exercise :  - does a gossipy walk with a friend count? And what about a gentle cycle? Or does only aerobic exercise count for anything?

Exercise Fun:  - for many of us exercise and fun hardly belong in the same sentence - yet once upon a childhood we thought of what we not think of as being a bore and chore as play.

Perfect Workouts:  Religiously you head off to the gym and hit the treadmill for your daily 30-40 minutes. So why have you hit a weight loss plateau? 

Running to Lose Weight:  How I went from couch potatoe, to walking, to jogging and finally ran a marathon.

BENEFITS TO FITNESS  Here's a list of psychological and physical benefits of exercise.

Are you fit or fat?  Can you be 'thin' on a scale yet overfat? Or could you can you be 'fat' on a scale but fit?

Understanding Metabolism: Understanding your basal metabolic rate and thermogenisis can change how you view exercise and weight control.

HAES® website on Obesity and Wellness

On this HAES® sitemap, you'll find new and unconventional ways of looking at the weight loss debate. Caution - some of these articles are designed to make you think, to spark debate... and some of them will most likely make you angry. Read them if you dare!

WELLNESS ARTICLES is a group of articles that look at obesity and weight loss from a whole different and unconventional perspective.

Obesity research  from around the world says fat isn't always bad and thin isn't good? Be prepared to be surprised.

Is obesity to blame for all our health problems? This is probably going to be my most contraversial bit of thinking. Warning: read only if you're open-minded! 

Is obesity to blame for type 2 diabetes?  How do you explain that you get skinny diabetics and fat people who will never get diabetes?

Reasons to laugh:  Guess what.... laughter helps you comfort eat less, it helps burn calories and it helps with the weight gain stress causes.

Sleep and obesity:  might seem like strange bedfellows. But how much you sleep has an important impact on your weight. Sign up for our sleep tips here. 

Obesity and Dementia:  - a study suggests that having apple shaped belly fat can increase your risks for dementia.

Chemicals and Obesity:  - Scientists are questioning how exposure to the chemicals in food packaging may be contributing to obesity.

Am I overweight?  What is overweight?  What measure is the best way to determine whether you are thin, normal, overweight or obese?

Percentage Body fat:  How does this change from birth, to puberty, through pregnancy and menopause? You need more body fat than you might think. 

Brain chemistry:  What happens to our biochemicals when we're having a 'fat day' and our harsh inner critic is giving us a run-around - does it impact on our health?

HAES® expert interviews

This weight loss sitemap will also bring you opinions by other writers and experts in the field of health at every size and being body wise.

HAES video interviews

Traci Mann - on why it's not your willpower that is thwarting your dieting attempts.

Self Compassion - an interview with Jean Fain author of The Self-Compassion Diet.

Fattitude - an interview with Lindsey Averill producer of The Movie which declares that every BODY deserves respect.

Karen Koenig - author of 6 fabulous books, workshop presenter and doyenne of normal eating.

Am I fat - an interview with Virgie Tovar, author, radio show host and fat revolutionary on how to live a happy sized life no matter your size.

Promoting positive body image.  An interview with Hillary Kinevey (MS. LPC) on body shame and how to reclaim our body-trust.

Size Stigmatization. An interview with Lucy Aphramor (Phd. RD) on how science does NOT support the idea that weight causes disease but how size stigma does.  Watch her moving podcast.

Health at Every Size.  An interview with health professor, Linda Bacon who is a beacon of hope as she demands social justice, and tackles our fat phobic culture with courage, conviction and empirical evidence to back her up. Watch her incredible live podcast.

Articles on obesity. An interview with assistant professor, Abigail Saguy from UCLA who investigates the effect of how the media report on obesity. 

Body Sense An interview with weight loss writer, Ali Hale on what she has learned throughout the year about'what works.'

Body acceptance An interview with Mia Glanville, psychologist and writer on how our body acceptance affects our intimate lives and how sexual abuse can impact on our eating.

Laughter and health:  Is there a connection? This article written by guest author B.B. Martin says there is. Share your thoughts about laughter and health.

Other articles by Cari written for other websites.

HAES® website ... Women and Hormones

I think it's really important to discuss hormones and how they make us gain weight on this weight loss sitemap.

FEMALE HORMONES Puberty, Pregnancy and Menopause are times of female hormone changes when women can often feel anxious and out of control 

Hormonal Weight Gain: is common during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. From Estrogen, to Progrestrone, Testosterone and Androgen... they're all implicated in hormonal weight gain. 

Percentage Body fat:  What percentage body fat do we need? How much is good fat and how much is bad fat? How does this change from birth, to puberty, through pregnancy and menopause? 

Hormonal Weight Gain: is common during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. From Estrogen, to Progrestrone, Testosterone and Androgen... they're all implicated in hormonal weight gain. 

MENOPAUSE Are you finding that you're eating and exercising the same, but your body seems to have a mind of it's own, and it's getting fatter? 

Menopausal Weight Gain: what to do about middle age spread - the do's and don'ts!. 

PREGNANCY If I was obsessed with hating my body before I was started experiencing the weigh gain of pregnancy, well I really struggled with my body during pregnancy. 

Body changes and pregnancy Many women struggle with their changing body. What is baby gain and what was weight?

Dieting during pregnancy? Dieting during pregnancy is never a good idea. Pregnancy is never a time to rob your.

Eating during pregnancy Your diet programs your child's food preferences. This section also discusses drinking during pregnancy.

What to eat when pregnant Confused about what to eat when pregnant? Discusses 3 principles to guide your eating when pregnant.

Pregnancy and Exercise There are some pretty long-standing myths about when, what kind and how much you can exercise during pregnancy - find out the truth here.

HAES® website info for Men

Male Body Image:  How and why has the male body image changed over the years? Discusses the history of the male body image. 

Diets for men:  Discusses the difference between women and men dieting and gives men tips and weight loss tactics.

Men and Orthorexia: Are you accused of being a gaunt health nut?

Men and Bigorexia: A look at Body Dysmorphia and how body building can get out of control.

Men and musclebuilding:  How has musclebuilding become such big business? Six-packs, taut abs and more...

Diets for men:  Discusses the impact of dieting on the metabolism of the male body.

Naturally thin men discusses the body image problems that men who aren't beefy enough endure.

Men and Body Image discusses how the media affects the male body image and discussed what one man found worked.

HAES® for children

CAUSES OF CHILDHOOD OBESITY A page for parents who are looking for tips and tactics to help their children to eat healthy. 

Children eating Healthy A page for parents who are looking for tips and tactics to help their children to eat healthy. 

Eating Wisdom - as children we are born with an internal connection to when to eat, how much to eat and even what we need to eat in order to stay healthy.

Mom Pass the Broccoli:  This book (also published as 'How to get your children to eat healthy the easy peasy way'), is a comprehensive guide to everything regarding Child, their eating and body.

Boys and Body Image Gives tips for parents on body and their body image.

Obese babies There is a rise in fat babies, this page also discussed the fattest babies at birth. 

Childhood eating disorders:  Discusses how children are getting eating disorders at progressively younger ages.

The Green Eating Guide:  Are you looking for a simple and fun way to teach your children nutrition? The Green Eating Guide does just that! And Recipes children love gives child-friendly recipes. 

How to Lose weight Naturally:  Discusses how children hold the keys.

Body Wise Happy Size Products

MIND OVER FATTER: Mind over Fatter is practical programme to lead you from 'Diet City' (the mental prison of food and body obsessions) to 'Nature's Valley' (the mental place where food, eating and your body are no longer an issue). Enroll and become a member here.

Mind over Fatter roadmap: gives you an outline of the entire journey as it breaks it down section by section giving you insight into the actual contents of the programme.

Mind over Fatter mini guide: This 40-page A6 sized guide fits right into your handback.

The Joy-Filled Body: throw away your scale, remember your Sacredness as a special and unique human being and fall in love with life and like with self.  

The Colored Hand Eating Guide is a kid-friendly educational tool that will revolutionalize your families eating habits. It's fun and your entire family will love learning this way.

Food Marketing cons is an eye-opening report that will save you thousands of dollars!

The Reflex-o-board: It looks like a giant pizza with a bad case of acne, but but it seems to heal is amazing - it saved me a shoulder operation. 
Plus our bonus thank you 'Healing sayings e.course'

Meet Cari

Cari Corbet-Owen. Meet Cari, find out why she's so passionate about you and your HAES and intuitive eating journey.

Myths about Cari Has Cari been on the Oprah show? Is she a dietican? You'll find the truths and untruths about Cari on this health at every size sitemap.

Contact Cari - send me your thoughts and questions

Health at every Size FREEBIES

This HAES® sitemap puts all the fun, free and interactive elements together. Make this site yours! Bookmark it and visit often. 

Free Sleep tips - get a good night's sleep.

Free Joy-Filled Body Tips: is our mini e.course to help you live light.

Intuitive Eating is a powerful exercise to train yourself to enjoy your food.

Change your life with this powerful visualization to remember how amazing you really are.

Intuitive Eating is a powerful exercise to help you get the maximum enjoyment from your food.

Practical intuition: is a fabulous process developed by Laura Day. Do this powerful intuitive exercise to get in touch with you body's voice. You'll be amazed.

Body fat calculator: Get your free body fat calculation here.

Holiday weight loss Survive all those holiday eating events with your intuitive eating still track. 

 Like us on your social media.  DIET POEMS: Read the diet poems of others and publish yours here too.

Obesity Paradox is a poem about how there are more diets, diet foods, yet more people getting fatter

Ode to Previously deprived foods is a poem about how when foods were illegal they caused us to obsess and how when they were allowed the obsession with them disappeared. Poet: Bev Bancroft. 

YOUR STORY You Intuitive Eating story can inspire others.
Jen's amazing journey. 
Candice's story. 

Give us feedback What do you think about the Body-Wise Happy-Size website: read what others say and add your comments too

Miscellaneous health at every size links

And there are always things that don't quite seem to fit anywhere else... so I've put them on this part of the weight loss sitemap.

Diets for dogs is a fascinating article by Ethologist Pam Whyte who says that diets for dogs are just as dangerous as diets for humans. 

Useful links takes you to other resources and websites 

SARK: is colorful, playful fun AND inspirational. Are you a SARK fan?  

Dr Wayne Dyer: found and rescued me at a very dark time of my life.

Laura Day: Pratical Intuition - is one of Laura's fabulous exercises.

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