Healthy Body Image and the role your Mind plays

Having a healthy body image should be a vital part of any healthy lifestyle and a part of your wellness and health plan.  What you believe about your body is enmeshed with strong cultural stories about how you 'should' apparently look. What does your culture tell you: what images of bodies do you see? What messages do we get about what 'good' and 'bad' bodies look like?  And....are those images we buy into realistic, or for that matter, even real?  These are important questions to ask - because literally, your psychological and even your physical health might depend on it.  If you're constantly stressed because you do not have a healthy body image, remember that the American stress Institute say that up to 90% of all doctor's visits are caused by stress. Your stressed thoughts about your body affect your biochmestry and your thoughts.  Go on any diet you like, eat less, exercise more - if you don't make changes to your mind you'll still be unhappy and emotional wellness will always elude you.

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