15lb weight gain in 3 month period.

by Amber

Hello! :)
My name is Amber and I'm 29 years old and 5ft, 5in tall. I exercise 4-5 days a week (pilates, yoga and cardio). I don't eat a lot of junk food. In fact, I try to buy as organic as possible. I've been like this and done these things for years. In October of 2011, I weighed 140lbs. By December I gained 15lbs! And no, I did not pig out for the Holidays. We always eat healthy and even our deserts are healthy and made from scratch.
Even now, my weight won't budge! Its really frustrating! I've even up my exercising since December, but to no avail. My doctor has done blood work and several other tests, and she says everything is coming back normal. So I'm healthy on the inside. What in the world could be going on with me? Is it hormonal?

Comments from Cari: Hi Amber, I wish I had an answer for you. But if you haven't consumed more calories, and you've stepped up your exercise - and I have to assume that your doctors bloodwork looked at your hormones....the only other suggestions I have that you might have to consider is:
1) how your sleep patterns might have changed?
2) have you perhaps been coming into contact with plastic/chemicals more than usual?

One other thing - you talk about weight on a scale - how are your clothes fitting you? Muscle weighs 3x what fat does on a scale, so you can gain weight according to the scale yet your clothes may not feel any tighter. I'd also use this fat calculator to work out your body fat percentage - it's a much more accurate measure of health than the scale.

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Nov 02, 2012
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