7 shocking weight-loss myths
that won't help you attain healthy longevity

The first of seven shocking weight-loss myths might just be that if you lose weight you'll inevitably gain health and longevity.  About 30% of women who belong to weight loss clubs binge eat compared to 2-5% of the general population.  That's not healthy.

And how about the myth that diets work as a weight loss strategy! Researchers have been writing for years that diets DON'T work. But of course, it all depends what you mean by the word 'works.' 

  • If by 'works' you mean merely 'losing weight,' then I have to admit that almost all diets 'work' in the short term.  
  • If by 'works' you mean diets are a long term health and longevity measure - then I'd have to say, "not so fast."

Then there is the myth that any, and all weight loss is valuable. This is just one those 7 shocking weight loss myths we need to debunk.   It's a bit like believing that the earth is flat - if you start with incorrect assumptions anything you do after that is going to be problematic.  No, it ISN'T always healthy to lose weight.  There are many times when it works against your health to lose weight. Being thinner than what our biology requires does NOT lead to health and longevity. For example, being anorexic or orthorexic is not healthy ; and as you get older instead of wasting away, you need to maintain body weight.  You need fat for your brain functioning, temperature control and much more/

  • In the 'counterclockwise' study done by Dr. Ellen Langer (where men around the 80-year mark reduced their biological aging measures) one of the measured improved results were that they gained weight
  • In the 90+ study Dr. Claudia Kawas says that one thing people who lived healthy lives to over 90 had in common was that they would be considered 'overweight' at age 70

7 shocking weight loss myths and longevity...

Here's another very common myth: the faster we lose, the better the diet is working. And fast weight loss is the type that changes our metabolism so that fast weight rebound is what happens and if there is anything that is unhealthy and will rob you of longevity, it's subjecting your body to that yo-yo dieting effect. If losing weight, especially quickly, is your only requirement, please read these weight loss advice myths to see why it may be a bad idea.  You can be healthy at a very large variety of sizes so long as you stay active.

Relax and banish those weight loss myths

  • If you're stuck with I hate my body chatter in your head - that's stressful - and stress reduces health and longevity.  So it's a myth that you should stress about your weight.
  • If you want to live long and strong, it's more important for your weight to remain relatively stable without you being so anxious about it that you live in constant fear of gaining weigh.
  • If you're living with food obsessions and anxiety after eating, you certainly aren't living a longevity lifestyle.  It's not how centenarians live.  
  • Centenarians also aren't regular over-eaters.  For the most part, they don't deprive themselves of eating what they enjoy, but they eat in moderation.  
  • Those people who have healthy longevity don't think of food and their bodies as enemies.  They would consider that a strange way to think of fuel and the vehicle that carries them through this life. 

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