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Body-Wise zine, Issue #1 --Check out our transformed site
April 14, 2015

Im really excited to bring you my interview with Professor Linda Bacon author of "Health at Every Size" and "Body Respect.' You can listen to the whole interview here. You won't believe what she shares with us about how two pharmaceutical companies changed the course of history around weight- it's implications are pretty jaw-dropping. Her interview is powerful and profound and will forever change what you believe about weight.

To go along with this - you may want to check out this article as well that uncovers why the advice to lose weight is so flawed.

In my next newsletter I'm going to start sharing with my loyal subscribers information from my private vault - all the best stuff that is only available to my subscribers and clients. It'll be the first of many practical tools you can use to help you find your way out of Diet City. I want my subscribers to feel nurtured and spoiled and to know how much I value you.

If you think you didn't subscribe to this - this newsletter is replacing the old Ditch Diets Live Light, Mind over Fatter newsletter (it was the bright green and orange one). If you missed my last email to you, you might not know that Ditch Diets Live Light has been replaced by Body-Wise- Perfect Size with a whole new look and feel and a new message about how to enjoy Health at every Size, no matter what your size.

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Warmly and excitedly Cari

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