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March 29, 2015


Living in a state of constant stress about every morsel that passes your lips, your health and your weight and living in a state of shame and self-blame IS more the problem than the weight itself. I no longer want to be part of the 'how to lose weight’ mentality because that’s the real problem.

I'm just done with something that:

  • causes the very thing it says it cures - more weight gain and more problems with eating and being at peace with yourself.
  • for many is not even necessary - there's a growing body of evidence that what is so-called ’overweight people' live as long (if not longer) than so-called 'normal’ weight people.
  • causes food pre-occupation, weight cycling, eating disorders, reduces self-esteem and stops you from living your best, healthiest and most vibrant life.
  • I realize some of you may not be ready to hear this and so,if so please unsubscribe from my magazine on the link provided below.


  • I want to help you realize how you can be both beautiful and healthy at every size. And I want to help you live your life fully in whatever body you have.
  • I want to help you realize how you can stop hating yourself and start loving yourself. I want to help you recognize that you are already valuable, and worthy of self-love no matter your size, shape or weight.
  • I want to help you quiet the 'food noise' in your head, make peace with food and eat with joy instead of guilt and shame.

  • As someone I know told me: " I do NOT want to go on another diet... I want freedom. I know diets don't work - I've tried them for years. I want to be able to eat pizza and chocolate without guilt. I want to cut myself free from the food monster and all the 'noise' about eating in my head. I want to stop putting my life on hold until it reaches a number on my scale and I want to trust my body and love it for a change."

    If that is a story you can relate to and is something you want for yourself - then you're going to LOVE this newsletter, so stay subscribed and look forward to a whole new upmarket look and feel coming and great quality ideas soon as changes to become: PS... if for some reason our switch over has glitches and you don't hear from me again, please pop back and sign up for our Body-Wise E.zine again.


    And check out my FREE web-based beta testing group I'm going to be running - it starts on April 12th 2015 so if you're interested in being part of this group....let me know.

    If you are a 45+ woman who:

  • has struggles with your weight,
  • fights with food and are interested in
  • feeling better about yourself,
  • improving your self-esteem
  • and improving your health
  • and you are sick and tired of calorie-counting and dieting and are ready to try something completely different. Please contact me so we can discuss if this group would be a good fit for you. I am looking for a cultural diverse group and already have participants living in South Africa, the USA, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom taking part. I am looking for another 4 people to join this group of 8.

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