Soma Ceremonies

SOMA CEREMONIES and RETREATS are a way to access a channel of sacred inner wisdom,  deepen your self-realisation, spiritual awareness and transformation.  It is this spiritual experience that I am offering, not a 'cure' for anything.  However mushrooms can also have remarkable health benefits.  Research in Israel has shown mushrooms can release trauma.  John Hopkins University has been at the forefront in a renaissance into new wave of 'magic mushroom' research and getting surprising results with addictions (like smoking and drinking) and end of life anxiety in cancer patients,  depression (this article explains how it works in the brain), anxiety and more.  John Hopkins researchers  also noted that as a side effect,  67% of volunteers rated this  as one of the 5 most significant lifetime events while 70% rated these inner journeys as one of their top 5 most significant spiritual experiences.   New studies are underway for eating disorders, Alzheimers and Parkinson's.  

Dr. Mary Cosimano who has been with John Hopkins says journey's aren't always easy, but they are always meaningful.  Not everyone has a mystical experience.  She also says there are common themes such as significant increases in meaning and quality of life, a healthy shifting in priorities, a decrease in pettiness and an increase in patience.  And shifts in understanding of love and the interconnectedness of life.  One study volunteer put it this way:  " I was full of love and joy and connection.... It really struck me vividly that love is home, that it's natural and present when obstacles are removed."

'Magic mushrooms' - are they dangerous? 

For years we've had a 'war on drugs' and somehow psilocybin got caught up in this and classified as addictive and was banned.  However, magic mushrooms are NOT addictive and currently many countries and states are in the process of legalising them.  In this study in the Lancet, you can see where mushrooms rate in terms of harm to others (orange) and harm to self (blue). 

Ceremonies start around 8pm and end after breakfast the next morning somewhere between 9-10am, yet the effects continue to reverberate through people's lives.  

  • You will be guided into preparing you for your soma journey
  • You will be held in a sacred space usually with a team of other watchers during the ceremony itself 
  • You will be heard while you give feedback, and share the story of your journey
  • You may reach out for further integrative help should you feel you need it.  

When do I do them?  On demand

When you want to journey, please choose what kind of ceremony you have in mind (select one of the options below) and once I receive the completed form, I will be in contact so we can discuss all the details including any dates should you decide to proceed.

Click here for frequently asked questions and answers

Click here for archived Somaland 'information' recordings

Click here to complete your registration form.  This happens with you being in a place of your choosing, preferably with a companion while I stay in touch and hold space with other watchers  remotely.

This happens at your home or a place of your choosing, with me present.  To discuss this option with me contact me here

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