Stop dieting strategies- your body has all the tips it needs

I had to stop dieting so that my body could reveal it's natural weight loss tips. When I followed intuitive eating and allowed my body to lead me that very slowly over time, I lost weight. After years after working with people to help them stop yo yo dieting, what I've realized is that you will lost weight if you body needs to...however you also don't need to lose weight because you can be healthy at every size!

Try your body's inbuilt natural weightloss tips, and you it will change your life. Stopping dieting is a healthy way to lose weight - because it's dieting, not being overweight, that is by far the biggest killer. What makes your body's healthy weight loss tips extra special is that they take away all your angst about food and eating. So often we're weighed down by weighty thoughts caused by dieting - so just don't do it - don't diet.

And best of all, these tips are tried and tested and they are small things you can implement in your life without turning your life upside down. And they'll take away your fear of the scale too.

fear of scaleI weighed myself every day - many times

Stop dieting Tip #1

Merely changing the speed at which you eat can totally change the way you eat AND how much enjoyment you get from food. Eating like a hare is the fastest way to over-eat. When we eat slowly and savour, we can enjoy food more and actually land up eating less, not because you have to because some diet says you have to, but because your body is satisfied. Try out fabulous intuitive eating exercise.

Stop dieting Tip #2

Banish black and white thinking. Let's say you were determined not to eat candy for a week and you slipped. So what's really the big deal? In the big scheme of things it doesn't even matter.  It's not like you have committed some heinous irreparable crime. But when you tell yourself you have, ignoring the times you haven't eaten candy, then you're likely to find yourself getting what I call the 'what the heck syndrome' and then turn to comfort eating.

Stop Now Tip #3

Never try to implement anything 100% perfectly, that's an invitation to set yourself up for failure. No need to beat yourself up and tell yourself you're a weak-willed failure and then land up thinking, "I'm a useless, hopeless, failure." That's not helpful to your health, and it won't help you lose weight. Make allowance for your human failings and instead of letting that harsh critic lose, ask yourself what you can learn to prevent it happening again. Diets don't allow you to do that, but listening to your body does.

Stop diets Tip #4

Add flavour to your food. I love cooking with herbs like sage, origanum, rosemary or thyme. I also find that squeezing a wedge of lemon over my food when it's still hot often adds a fabulous burst of flavour. Don't do it because it doesn't add any calories and you want to lose weight, do it because you want to enjoy every mouthful of food more. You motivation and intention make a big difference.

Stop dieting start living Tip #5

So you hate exercise? Well you didn't as a child. Spend a few minutes figuring out what exactly you don't like about exercise? Because, believe it or not, there is definitely a way to enjoy an active lifestyle and your body will feel vibrant and amazing. Going to the gym or running just isn't for everyone. So often our ideas about what counts as exercise are keeping us from enjoying it. Did you know that even playing with your children can be exercise?

Dieting strategy stop Tip #6

Stop thinking "I have to lose weight." According to the law of attraction the more you stress about and put your focus on, losing weight- the more weight you have to attract to lose!   In the same vein don't talk about a 'war on weight' or the 'battle of the bulge' because then you're acknowledging what a powerful enemy it is.  Think: "I'm getting healthy, strong and listening to my body."

I stop dieting tip #7

Get more sleep. When you don't get enough sleep, according to researchers at the Sansum Medical Research institute, the hormone Leptin that switches off our sweet tooth for carbohydrates, doesn't get activated. That way you're working with your body to help it give you accurate signals.

Stop dieting and renew tip #8

You know all those fabulous  diet foods? Don't believe food advertisers.  Check those labels very carefully, low fat doesn't mean low calorie. And sugar sweeteners often increase your craving for sweet things. When you ask your body what it really wants, you'll start finding that it's less satisfied with 'fake diet food' and more satisfied with 'real food'.

Don't diet Tip #9

Make water your drink of choice. Your body is made of a very high percentage of water. A drop on only 2-3% water can slow your metabolism.  And your body loves water. Put a slice of lemon in it, or some fruit, or some herbs and see how refreshing it is.  Avoid sugary sodas and other drinks that offer little nutrition but loads of sugar.

Stop diets Tip #10

Wait until your body actually asks for food in the morning before eating breakfast. Just changing this one aspect of their eating has changed the weight stuggles of many people who ate because they always thought they 'had' to. When you listen to your body - it gives you very clear messages.

Stop dieting Tip #11

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