Agree and Disagree

by MJ

I agree with you regarding not eating as soon as you get up. What works best for me is to eat when I am hungry, usually around 11:00 am.

However, I would like to see your evidence about the dehydration. I think drinking water is overrated, as evidenced by peer reviewed studies on water intoxication in marathon runners.

Because it is virtually impossible for me to get to the restroom when I am working, I drink water only when I am thirsty and only enough to quench my thirst. My lab tests confirm that I am well hydrated.

Dilute urine, normal bowel movements and ability to rise quickly from a seated position, without getting dizzy are good markers of adequate hydration in a mature adult. When I exercise heavily, I get thirsty and drink as much water as I need.

I think the drinking water thing has been promoted by the bottled water companies and has little to do with science.

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Feb 02, 2011
dehydrated? underhydrated?
by: Cari

Hi MJ....You know what...I wouldn't put anything past bottled water companies, and frankly a lot of research is seriously flawed exactly because it's paid for by all kinds of companies that have a vested interested in finding conclusions that support a need for their product. I'm with you, tap water is good enough for me AND it doesn't produce the ton of garbage that is so bad for our environment.

This information came to me via a talk I went to by Dr. Tim Noakes at the Sports Science Institiute in South Africa where we he talking about the dangers of athletes being over-hydrated and yet the average (wo)man in the street wasn't drinking enough plain water. This talk was long before bottled water had become all the 'in thing'.

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