All Natural Weight Loss...
The lesson I learned from Centenarians

All Natural Weight Loss requires a focus off of weight loss and onto health gain. This is the health and longevity approach that the Mind over Fatter program takes.

  • It's about getting your MIND over the whole 'fat phobic' issue
  • It's about allowing your body to settle into it's biologically perfect size without dieting.  
  • It's about living a large life so that your food and body obsessions shrink.
  • It's about recognizing that the culturally dictated 'normal' body size may not be the one that's best for us.
  • It's about understanding how to learn to listen to, hear and respond to your body's voice rather than responding to much of the cultural conditioning which has eroded our inherent ability to be body-wise. 
  • It's about recognizing that there are biological and psychological reasons why diets don't work, can't work and never will work - period!

And all natural weight loss secret from Centenarians

I'm going to give you an fabulous tip to all natural weight loss -it's something I learned from talking to people who live to over 100.  Their eating has ritual to it.  Earring isn't something they do mindlessly.  Start with one meal of your day and introduce an eating ritual.  Here are some examples - feel free to chose any one or a combo:

  • Eat off an especially chosen plate - one your really love
  • Get special cutlery you always use.
  • Do a small ceremony before and/or after you eat.  (I'm not talking about the habit of saying grace)
  • Place a flower or object of beauty next to your plate

These may seem like odd things to do but people who live to 100+ have these strange (to some) rituals that anchor the passing of time in their day.  Sometimes these happen in the preparation of food.  You can read more about that when you read the story of my grandfather and his rituals. It's yours free when you sign up for our Longevity newsletter.

All Natural Weight loss through self-love and health gain

All Natural Weight Loss doesn't come about through hating yourself, thinking shameful and guilty thoughts and then going on yet another diet.  Diet's don't work and that's well documented. Prof Linda Bacon, author or Health at Every Size points to research showing that dieting leads to:  food preoccupationrepeated cycles of weight loss and regaindistraction from other personal health goals (such as avoiding going for a walk),  less self-esteem, and eating disorders.  The irony about this is that many of our attempts at dieting are to be healthier but instead we land up becoming unhealthier psychologically and your cells know and respond to that in ways that erode your physical health.

But when you have a gentle self-acceptance (something I always find when I interview people who have lived to great ages) here's what happens.  You can have

  • en-joy-ment rather than stress around eating,
  •  peace with your body 
  •  a life of passion and purpose 
  • feelings of self-worthiness
  • And, these all play important parts of all natural weight loss. When we get these back, we gain health and you body will reach a size where you weight is stable and comfortable without you paying much attention to it. Think about how logical dieting really is... it makes you MORE preoccupied with the very thing you're mean to eat less of.....Um... forgive me for being skeptical - but you get my point?

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