androgen and weight gain

by Shela

my dr tested me for estrogen, progesterone and testosterone is androgen often often left out. I am having trouble with menopause weight gain

Comments from Cari:
Almost all women gain 10-15lbs during the years of menopause, some gain more. While it can be a more rapid weight gain, in most cases the rate of weight gain is gradual, just creeping up.

Sex hormones affect bodily functions such as appetite, metabolism, and the way your body stores fat, making it challenging to control your weight. Ever changing levels of estrogen, testosterone, and androgen levels all play their part in your creeping weight gain.

Androgen is the hormone that is responsible for packing on the pounds around your middle - giving you that apple-shape that can be so troubling.

Androgen: This hormone is responsible for sending your new weight directly to your middle section, giving you an apple-shaped body instead of the pear-shaped one our might have once had.

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