The best weight loss plan..the one that leads to longevity

If you're looking for the best weight loss plan - the ones that leads to health and longevity then read this first because I'm going to let you into 3 weight loss secrets that that diet product companies don't want you to know about.  I also want you to know that those people who achieve healthy long lives, aren't the ones slurping back diet shakes, or swallowing diet tables.  

There are only two reasons why we look for 'the best weight loss plan': either health or beauty beliefs. An attractive body apparently says: I'm in control, I'm not lazy, I am worthy and I am aging well. And, a thin body we are told is a healthy body. From TV shows, to newspapers, magazines and articles on the web - the cultural message is all pervasive and we're like fish in water - fish don't 'know' they're in water, we don't realize we're stuck in the Food Jail of Diet City.

  1. You can be healthy at almost every size (haes) barring being very obese and very skinny.   If you look at the scientific evidence,  weight loss advice myths abound - but the truth is - people in the so-called 'overweight' category live the longest.
  2. If you think all these diet drugs are a con - the way we've been hoodwinked is much worse than you could ever image.  In June 1998 Big Pharma managed to pull off a stunt that meant that 29 million Americans went to bed one night and woke up suddenly 'overweight'.... a condition needing medical treatment.  No they didn't all gain weight... watch he first 6 minutes of my interview with Prof Linda Bacon for the full scoop on this.
  3. We need to discern between your 'ideal weight' (as determined by standards set by people who don't live in your body) and your 'naturally sustainable weight' (which is determined by your biological bodily needs).  In other words, the very best weight loss plan is is one designed by your body assuming you really do need to lose weight in the first place.  Because... when you are body-wise (in other words you listen to, and respond to your body's biological needs) you will reach your happy size, the size that is perfect for your body and you will be able to sustain and maintain it effortlessly.  You can't put all humans into little boxes and say they should all be one size and one shape.  We're unique!

We are trapped in a crazy culture that thinks a best weight loss plan is the answer to everything. It's NOT!

There are very prevalent paradigms around both beauty and the health of our bodies: 

fat= (supposedly) lazy & out of control slob = (supposedly) unworthy, undesirable, unloveable and unwanted fat therefore..... dieting is (supposedly) the answer

No amount of trying every 'best weight loss plan' and exercising helps most people stay thin (or self-loving). I'm sorry, that's just the fact.  Many people have simply dieted themselves fatter with the weight regain that occurred with each failed diet. Here's another fact, that's what diets do best in the long term. People who are naturally slender don't rigidly exercise control around food - they don't have to, they eat when they're hungry and stop when they've had enough. No drama! No fuss! And if only thin beauties were the only ones wanted and worthy of love - along with half the population- many of would be spinsters and the body beauty glamour girls would always have the prince charming of their dreams, stay married and never have someone who cheated on them. Right?

Here's a new beauty paradigm I'd like to introduce : 

beauty is in the eye of the beholder - YOU are the beholder

therefore....feeding yourself with SELF-LOVE is the answer.

I never questioned that thin = healthy so everyone had to lose weight until all the research I was doing started turning up some interesting 'exceptions' to this paradigm. After a while of finding them, I started actively looking for exceptions and there they were... all over. I started to research these exceptions in medical and psychological journals and what I found turned my world upside down but in an exciting way:

Here's the new health paradigm I want to introduce: 

fat = relatively benign but....

chronic stress about weight and food=disease= death

therefore..... feeding yourself with SELF-LOVE is the answer.

In other words: It's stressing about your things like finding the best weight loss plan, being ashamed of your body and obsessing about every morsel of food that goes into your mouth, and eating and living with guilt, that is far more detrimental to your health than the weight itself.

  • Stress activates stress hormones which:
  • change how our body operates at a cellular level and how well our cells reproduce themselves;
  • changes how our brain fires and becomes wired;
  • makes our heart beat incoherently which affects the functioning of our whole body,
  • affects our DNA telomeres and literally changes which DNA gets activated.
  • make us fatter

 It's self-love and not weight that makes the difference! I want to help you fall in love with yourself no matter your size. I want to help you stop a life of dieting and start a life of loving and living your life and the irony - is that when you do that you need to search for the best weight loss plan because any weight your body needs will fall off by itself, slowly and over time. 

But...but... I still want the best weight loss plan

Ok....I hear you!  It's so hard to give up on something you've been addicted to forever.  But the best weight loss plan really is one that has to happen in your head and your heart.  The Mind over Fatter Programme is a way to feel great without ever dieting again.  It will  give you practical tips to listen to and hear your body and eat intuitively.  They are designed to help you binge on self acceptance instead of food so you can live your life fully, starting today!

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