Body Image Quotes

Self love and body image quotes often give me a boost.  And a healthy self- esteem has a biology that goes with it that affects your health, well-being and longevity.

Body image quotes often grow out of self love quotes

When you stop fighting yourself (and that sometimes happens when you're able to stop buying into ridiculous cultural norms about weight), you can stop having 'fat days' when you're literally eroding your own health with all those stressed out thoughtsRead these body image quotes whenever you feel down, they will definitely cheer you up, and get your cells happy again.

Tend to yourself

This is a fabulous way to think about your body. One thing I find so often is that people who struggle with their weight are 'nice girls'.  They're so busy taking care of others that the only energy they have left to give themselves is feeding.  And by the time they take the time to feed themselves, they're so depleted that they eat the first thing that comes to hand, and often can't stop once they start.  It's as if they are so empty on the inside that no amount of eating will help them.  When you're empty on the inside your body knows that at a cellular level.

When you're admiring someone else's body - don't forget to stop and admire yours.  So what if for right now you can't love your tummy...start by noticing other body parts you do like and slowly spend time fanning that self-love flame.  

Body image quotes about comparison

Body Image quotes & some research to back them up

  • Your skin is your skin. Your legs are your legs. Your hair is your hair. Your smile is your smile. Your past is your past. You can waste your life hating these things, but you may as well learn to accept them. Both routes are difficult and full of pain, but with acceptance, you will be happy one day, while with hatred, you never will. ~~ Vironika Tugaleva

In their book, ‘When Women stop hating their bodies’, Hirchmann and Munter discuss research with 87 'obese' women who took part in 10 group sessions and focussed on: 

• eating for hunger instead of restrictive dieting; 
• body-acceptance regardless of size; 
• and coping mechanisms for handling emotional distress.  

While there were only relatively small weight losses, there was a self esteem lesson in that there were significant improvements in eating attitudes, body image, self-image, depression and self-esteem which were maintained at the two-year follow up when more weight had also been shed. 

Participants answered ‘very true’ to a questionnaire before and after (the 'after 2 years figures are in brackets) following this non-diet approach:

My weight fluctuates: 34% (18%...a 16% improvement)
I feel controlled by food: 73% (27%...a 46% improvement)
I eat when not hungry: 84% (32%...a 52% improvement)
I’m ashamed of my eating habits: 70% (25%...a 50% improvement)

Self-love & Self acceptance

  • The absence of self-love can never be replaced with the presence of people’s love for you. ~~ Edmond Mbiaka
  • People often ask ‘how is life treating you?’ Perhaps the more accurate question is ‘how are you treating yourself?’ ~~ Sepi Tajima

What you don't realize is that if you don't treat yourself well - if you don't love yourself - then you aren't treating the most amazing, incredible and unique person the way you should.  When you treat you well, you're a great role model for others, and you have more to give of yourself. Find a few fabulous body image quotes and make them yours.

For great ways to grow self-confidence, watch this fabulous 10-minute video interview with Libra Forde and for great ideas to build self esteem click here.

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