BodySong Art

 BodySong Art can be done on your own, alone - or in groups.  When done with teams, they promote participation by all and they capture and enhance the HeartSong of an organization. There are two kinds of BodySong art:

Art from the Heart

Art from the Heart is a way of tapping into your inner HeartSong and allowing it to flow intuitively  without the need to paint a picture that makes any meaning to anyone except yourself.  It's not about what you paint but what it captures and records about your HeartSong.  Having a problem within your company?  Art from the Heart is a great way to remediate that.

BodySong Boards

Body Song Boards are a way of tapping into the song your body is singing and to explore it's origins and transform it.  It's a way of shifting your BodySong to a higher frequency.

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