Cant lose pregnancy weight gain - is it hormones?

by Rose

hello i'm a 42yr old woman ,and is battling weight promblem. Iv'e done every diet going and even had blue tablets from my gp.but no success it is really getting me down know .it started when I was pregnant with my 1st child id put on 4 stone b4 they realized i was pregnant since then i cant loose my weight i am now convinced it's my hormones that r not helping and want to now if i can have tables or something to help . Iv'e aslo had a hystrectomy but still have my ovaries thank you rose

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Hi Rose, it is possible that your weight gain is hormonal , it would possibly be a good idea to have bloodwork done or hormone level checks.

However, there are also other factors such as the impact of dieting by itself. Just the stress of dieting can cause a release of Cortisol which is known to cause weight gain. Dieting can change your body composition (and the faster you lose weight the more pronounced that can be) so that you can diet yourself fatter and fatter with each ensuing diet.

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Oct 26, 2011
Weight gain woes
by: Jenny Henrick

Hi Rose
I think the biggest thing is not to get freaked out by your weight. So often (I know from personal experience) when we have a weight problem that is all we focus on. Every waking thought it spent on planning what to eat, not enjoying what you are eating, regretting what you have eaten and then ending up by going on a binge.

I know it's really difficult but try to relax about your weight. Presumably you are healthy and have wonderful children/a child and that means more than the number on the scale.
Also, my biggest tip for you is, STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF! I have my biggest 'ahha' moment today in that regard (have a look at my diet story). Rather focus on how you feel and how your clothes look and don't worry about how much you weigh. It isn't important to anyone (not even you).

Keep your food diary (as recommended on the Mind Over Fatter Program) and you may see patterns developing which are sabotaging your efforts.

Make fresh, wholesome foods and learn to love the tastes - cut out pre-prepared foods/take outs wherever possible or investigate healthier options. Read the contents of things you plan to eat and decide which would be healthier for your body. (Focus on the health aspect and not the weight).

Find some exercise that you love doing and get into the habit of doing it, whatever it is.

I was once bemoaning my fat legs and someone said that there are crippled people who would pay any money in the world for the fat legs that I hated so much - that was a huge eye opener. So often we focus on totally the wrong things and make ourselves SO miserable in the process.

Above all, celebrate the fact that you are alive and healthy and that is the biggest gift of all.

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