Cob Building   
Learn how to build for pennies on the dollar

Things like cob building, DIY and physical work form part of the Centenarian lifestyle.  It's part of simple natural, frugal living.  You can build from cob for free using recycled products that would be ordinarily going to the dump.  It's good for our planet, it's good for people.  These are a small sample of just a few things things I've built from Cob for free or at a minimal cost. 

Pizza oven for $36
Cottage for $463
Chicken coop FREE
Sitting nook FREE

Here are three ways you can learn how to do cob-building, gain the health and financial benefits of this active wellness activity:

Come to my next retreat

Enroll in my online course

           Have me help you build with cob

Watch my cob-building documentaries

We Create: Why we need small hand built homes

Handbuilt homes and the building codes

Cob building is a fabulous way to promote active health and wellness.  Here’s why:  

  • You’re in the great outdoors with the sun on your back and the breeze on your face.  You'll experience an overwhelming sense of wellness.
  • Your body is moving constantly as you bend, pull, lift, carry and dance the cob together.  You’re using your balance, your flexibility, and the muscles all over your body.  If you were wearing a FitBit or a step tracker you’d be simply amazed at how quickly the numbers tally up.

  • You’re in touch with mother earth, and if you’re barefoot, you’re earthing yourself (so many benefits to this, I don’t even know where to start).  But from personal experience I can tell you you'll sleep better.
  • You’re connecting with others, sharing stories and building great relationships and connections with like-minded others.  The health benefits inherent in this are HUGE.
  • You’re experiencing a sense of mastery as you see your cob oven taking shape.
  • You experience an opening up of your creative juices and your body hums with joy.
  • You’re creating something that has a practical and health benefits - if the lights go out - dang you can still cook pizza's, loaves of bread, casseroles and much much more for not just your family but your whole neighborhood if you want to.  Just knowing that feels wonderful.

If there is anything I've learned about the health habits of people who live to over 100 - one of the 65 longevity secrets, is that they're big into DIY, and keeping their body's active naturally. 

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