A tailored-to-your-Company Wellness Program
based on The Centenarian Code

Imagine a workplace of happy, healthy employees who are engaged and passionate about what they are doing.  Where work is fun. Where loyalty blooms and where customers are treated with caring and open hearts not because they 'have to be' but because your employees make those choices to improve their own health.  That's what I work to help companies to achieve.

After 5 years in a highly competitive corporate environment with around 300 people in my team, I understand the need from management for motivated and cohesive staff, along with the pressures it puts on people.  It’s my contention that when a company’s people are happier and healthier, so is the company. 

I personalize your company wellness program:

interview the principals about their vision and core values, about their most motivated and least motivated employees and about what they would like my company wellness program to achieve.  

We'll strengthen your company culture

Once I know your company culture, I work to strengthen it

Your team will love this training

Your team will want to attend this training and they'll take some of the fun elements back to their every day lives.

At a S.E.L.F presentation in June 2018, the overwhelming majority rated my team-building presentation as being either a 9 or 10 (on a scale of 10)

We'll build collaboration.... even in diverse teams

I present in fun, interactive ways that are non-confrontational and build collaboration between all levels of employees: mature or newer team member regardless of culture or creed.

I'll keep your team awake and involved

I focus on presenting with high energy, in ways that are interactive, creative and involve everyone

We'll make the workplace more fun

I make training fun.  Making the workplace a more fun place to be and bringing team members together is powerful for your team.

We'll build team spirit

I focus on having team members take small daily actionable steps that increase mutual appreciation and respect in a measurable way.

Get ongoing feedback

I want employers to get great feedback from their teams about what is working and what isn't.  I want their teams to ask to have me back and they do.

Get tangible results

I want employees and employers to see the results in the workplace and in tangible ways.  Happier employees mean your customers will be treated better.I want employers to see an exponential growth in cooperation, team spirit,  and customer care. And they do.

Fewer sick days

My focus is on increasing loyalty to  employees, as well as colleagues to reduce sick days

What employees say

I've been blessed to work with very large corporations and also smaller companies, to do wellness training, present seminars and keynote speeches internationally and share my often unconventional views on radio and TV and multiple magazines.  For more on my credentials click here. For more testimonials click here.

"Cari is a health tonic: a dose of her wisdom and you'll feel better for life"-Shape Magazine

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