A Company Wellness Program
Signal your cells for health

Your workplace can be aiding and abetting either health or disease.   ‘Signal your cells for health’  is a comprehensive journey into the heart of your own health, the health of your company and your employees.    Cari will help you and your company identify unique ways to drive and change both your individual health, and the health of your organization.  With Cari’s playful guidance, teams learn how to infuse the newly identified Centenarian ways of BE’ing across every aspect of their lives both at home and at work. The result is a new-found clarity, purpose, a team unified by a newly-defined mission, and customers and families that will be the happy recipients of these powerful changes. Put simply, the way to health becomes easy to understand. And when people understand how they are signaling their cells, their motivation to change is increased.

Imagine a workplace of happy, healthy employees who are engaged and passionate about what they are doing.  Where work is fun. Where loyalty blooms and where customers are treated with caring and open hearts not because they 'have to be' but because your employees make those choices because it's a way of signaling their cells for the good of their own health.  That's what I work to help companies to achieve.

After 5 years in a highly competitive corporate environment with around 300 people in my team, I understand the need from management for motivated and cohesive staff, along with the pressures it puts on people.  It’s my contention that when a company’s people are happier and healthier, so is the company. If you’re a company with 15+ employees, contact Cari for a free  consultation and company health assessment.

I've been blessed to work with very large corporations and also smaller companies, to do wellness training, present seminars and keynote speeches internationally and share my often unconventional views on radio and TV and multiple magazines.  For more on my credentials click here. For more testimonials click here.

"Cari is a health tonic: a dose of her wisdom and you'll feel better for life"-Shape Magazine

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