A tailored-to-your-Company Wellness Program

Leaders of any company know that sick or under-motivated employees cost their companies dearly.   Workers performing at less than full productivity, are estimated to cost employers $160 billion per year, or $218 billion after adjusting for inflation – twice as much as the cost of absenteeism due to illness (1).

Unmotivated or negative employees,  puts strain on the rest of the team and increases turnover.  Staff turnover costs costs anywhere up to one-fifth of an employee’s salary to replace them (2). 

Implementing better workplace practices, can reduce turnover by 50 percent (3).  When you improve team spirit, enhance a sense of connection and belonging,  you also increase motivation, reduce sick days and turnover and increase profits.  When companies are seen to be implementing programs for the personal well-being of their employees, it improves morale, loyalty, motivation  productivity and profits. "Happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality." Daniel Sgroi

I personalize your company wellness program:

interview the principals about their vision and core values, about their most motivated and least motivated employees and about what they would like my company wellness program to achieve.  

I make training fun.  Making the workplace a more fun place to be and bringing team members together is powerful for your team.

I want employers to get great feedback from their teams.  I want their teams to ask to have me back and they do.

I want employees and employers to see the results in the workplace and in tangible ways

I present in fun, interactive ways that are non-confrontational and suit all levels of employees: mature or newer team member regardless of culture or creed.

I focus on having team members take small daily actionable steps that increase mutual appreciation and respect in a measurable way.

I want employers to see an exponential growth in cooperation, team spirit,  and customer care. And they do.

My focus is on increasing loyalty to  employees, as well as colleagues to reduce sick days

We have a baseline survey, followed up by another 6 weeks after the program and then another 6 months after that to check results.  Each week participants take a survey on the program and how it is working and helping.  

What employees say

After 5 years in a highly competitive corporate environment with around 300 people in my team, I understand the need from management for motivated and cohesive staff, along with the pressures it puts on people.  It’s my contention that when a company’s people are happier and healthier, so is the company. 

I've been blessed to work with very large corporations and also smaller companies, to do wellness training, present seminars and keynote speeches internationally and share my often unconventional views on radio and TV and multiple magazines.  For more on my credentials click here. For more testimonials click here.

"Cari is a health tonic: a dose of her wisdom and you'll feel better for life"-Shape Magazine

(1)  Stewart, W., et al. (2003, December). Lost Productive Health Time Costs from Health Conditions in the United States: Results from the American Productivity Audit. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 45(12), 1234-1246. 

(2) Boushey, H., & Glynn, S. (2012, November 16). There Are Significant Business Costs to Replacing Employees. Center for American Progress Publication. 

(3) Batt, R., Lee, J.E., & Tashlin, L. (2014, January 15). A National Study of Employment Practices, Turnover, and Customer Service in the Restaurant Industry. Research report prepared for the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United. Summary of results

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