The Company Wellness Play-Program that helps your employees sing a more harmonious tune.

Imagine a workplace of happy, healthy employees who are engaged and passionate about what they are doing. Where training and work is fun and where fun is the way to get things done. Where loyalty blooms and where customers are treated with caring and open hearts not because they 'have to be' or 'should be' but because it becomes 'the' way employees signal their own cells and immune systems for health.   Discovering the HeartSong of your organisation and then getting your team's BodySong to harmonise and 'sing the same productivity tune' results in a unique (and fun) language and path to both wellness and empowerment.  

After 5 years in a highly competitive corporate environment managing a team of over 300, I understand the need for a moti-visioned (motivated and sharing a vision) team.   It’s my contention that when people play together, they become a more cohesive unit and stay together.  Plus they are happier and healthier, and as a result, so is the company.   Here's Tony Johnson from Davidsons & Associates Insurance talking about what I've done for their company. 


Play is a great way to explore and increase the creativity and innovation of your team.

Do you have 'issues' or a dilemma that need to be resolved and dissolved?  A ceremonial circle is a powerful way to achieve this.

Office gossip can tie a team in uncomfortable knots, reduce productivity, create friction and unhappy employees AND cause staff turnover.  Your team will think twice before gossiping after this playful session

Change is readily met with resistance both overt and covert.  But does your team realize that change can be fun?  Invigorating? That it can breed new enthusiasm?  Play reduces the resistance to change.

Demonstrating appreciation is key to creating team spirit.  It is a particularly powerful way to  change the BodySong of their workplace to become a more joy-filled one..   

Build connection and create heart-based art your team members can either take home or that you can hang in your offices.  They’ll have fun and talk about it for weeks.

Have you ever considered that your workplace is aiding and abetting either health or disease?   ‘Signal your cells for health’  is a comprehensive journey into the heart of your own health, the health of your employees, and the health of your company.    I will help you and your company identify unique ways to drive and change both your individual health, and the health of your organization.  With my playful guidance, teams learn how to unlock a new health code and infuse these new ways of BE’ing across every aspect of their lives both at home and at work. The result is a new-found clarity, purpose, a team unified by a newly-defined mission, and customers and families that will be the happy recipients of these powerful changes. Put simply, when people understand this new way of unlocking health for themselves, their motivation to make personal changes that benefit your workplace and customers, and do good in the world is increased.


I'll personalize your program.

I interview the principals to fully understand their vision and core values, to find out about their most motivated and least motivated employees and about what they would like my company wellness program to achieve.  Armed with that information, I create a unique and personalized plan for YOUR company.  

I'll strengthen your company culture.

Once I understand your company at an intimate level, and how you want to enhance it, every session I present works on progressively building, and strengthening, your unique culture.

I'll make your workplace more fun.

I present in playful and fun-filled ways.  Your team will take these fun elements back to their every day lives and to your workplace.  Bringing your team together using play is a powerful way of implementing change and re-energizing your workplace. 

I'll improve collaboration.

I present in high-energy, interactive ways that are non-confrontational and that build collaboration between all your employees regardless of age, culture or creed. 

What employees of  Davidson & Associates Insurance say my sessions do for them:

"feel more connected with one another," "engaged," "excited," "happy," "more alive," "energized", "fulfilled," "taught us to be kind to one another," "made me really think about who I am","learned to communicate better and think of others," "helped manage stress"

How participants at a Shape magazine event described my work:

"informative," "life-changing," "funny," "extremely powerful," "absolutely brilliant," "entertaining", "loved her warmth and honesty," "life-giving," "inspirational","fantastic," "very motivating"


Ongoing feedback.

Want more feedback from your employees about what is working and what isn't?  I work with management to elicit both informal and formal feedback.  Employees feel heard and appreciated and management gets priceless information they may have missed out on otherwise.

Tangible results.

After working with me there is an exponential growth in cooperation, team spirit, and customer care.  Ultimately this results in happier customers along with more repeat and new business.

Happier, healthier employees.

Employers have happier, healthier employees and a vastly more cohesive team who not only care about one another, but show that care in small and meaningful ways.  Sick days decline and productivity goes up.

I've been blessed to work with very large corporations and also smaller companies, to do wellness training, present seminars and keynote speeches internationally and share my often unconventional views on radio and TV and multiple magazines for over two decades.  

"Cari is a health tonic: a dose of her wisdom and you'll feel better for life"-Shape Magazine

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