Depression and weight gain

by Tanya du Toit
(South Africa)

Dear Cari,

Thank you thank you thank you - I have received the book and can't wait to start! Before I do start reading the book, give you a glimpse of my (fat) body over the past few years.

I am a healthy 37 year old mom of 3 boys and a girl who passed away last year. So in the past 15 months I gave birth to 3 children and therefore my body is now at trash city!

My issue with food started when I was in St 6 and my mom dropped me off at high school and hostel with my suitcases and a koekblik (cake tin) full of home made cookies and rusks. When my mom came to fetch me for my first holiday I was fat. I don't know how fat but when she saw me she just hanged her head in shame.

We are 3 daughters and all 3 had (and has) weight problems and
issues. My middle sister lives in london for the past few years and she is now a stunning size 6. My mom and dad is very critical and they wanted us to look like models. We are good looking girls (if I may say so) but from the neck down the issues started.

So throughout my life (since that holiday in st. 6) I battled with my weight.
I had my first son when I was 32 so for the past 5 years I am up and
down in
weight. My big struggle began after 2006 when I had invitro
and I gave birth to twins in May 2007. My daughter passed away the
after her birth and my struggle with depression started. Some day's I
didn't touch food and some day's I over indulged. In December 2007 I
finished 2 weeks of hospitalization in Vista Clinic for depression
and found
out I was pregnant (again, and totally naturally). I was still
to get rid of the extra few (ton ;-)) kilo's after the twins!

My son was born on the 4th of August this year and I started
exercising during October. I go to gym 4 times a week. I feel much better but I don't necessarily eat healthier or less. We drink wine during the week and weekend's and I am really just trying to fit into my size 14 clothes.

So, I am going to start reading your book, and in my heart I hope (and believe) that when I am done, a whole new world would open for me.

I will definitely e-mail you again after I have finished reading it. I
also want to mention that YES, I DO THINK LIFE WILL BE GREAT IF I AM THINNER!

Love from Fat city!

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