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The most common diabetes health tips have to do with physical tips like medication, diet and exercising - right? What if you could prove to yourself that there is another powerful way to change your diabetic biology that has nothing to do with either your diet or your fitness levels?

Did you know that someone with a multiple personality disorder can have full-blown diabetes in one personality and no diabetes whatsoever in another personality?  Stop!  Think about the implications of that sentence.

Another thing....stress and diabetes go hand in hand.  Just having diabetes is stressful -what are some of the things you stress about as a diabetic?  I was talking to a diabetic patient and these were some of the things on her list:

  • Stressing about how to maintain a healthy diabetic lifestyle 
  • Stress about eating right 
  • Stress about weight 
  • Stress about fitness and exercise
  • Stress about health in the long term
  • Stress about medications that don't seem to be working, or having unwanted side effects 
  • Stress about going to your doctor

I wonder what's on your list?

What would it mean to you if you had a non-invasive way to reduce your stress and diabetes scorecard, no matter your size, no matter your diet, no matter your exercise levels...  like Jen.H was as you can see from her logs below.

Please note:  Jen started using my method for a week (her log on the right) and only then did she take 5-minute apart readings (log on the right) without using it so we could see the impact of this method.

Readings taken 5 minutes apart WITHOUT the meditation INCREASED on 5/7 days and stayed the same 2/7
These blood -sugar readings were take 5-7 minutes apart with the intervention I gave her done in between.

Jen said this after the first two weeks:

"This gives me hope. I feel excited. I wanted to do it more. I felt so much calmer when I did this.  I never realized my thoughts could have so much power."  Complete this form to get joining instructions, and read this article.

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