Diets dont work for obesity

by Mrs. Steffanie Chatelier

After the birth of my second child, my weight gain during pregnancy refused to shift in spite of breast feeding for two and a half years and watching what I ate. I tried the Weight Watchers points system, lost 1.5kg and regained that weight during the six weeks I was on the diet. I gave up in frustration. Then my weight started spiralling out of control and reached 115kg, up from 82kg after the Weight Watchers diet. I enrolled in the Sure Slim program for one year, lost 35kg but the kilos came back with a vengence as soon as I went on the maintenance program. I followed the rules but still regained the weight. I have regained about 25kg of the weight lost. I having been going to the gym 3 times weekly for over three years and my weight has stabalised. I have also tried a naturopath, who used supplements and a tonic to "correct" my hormones, but this was also an excercise in futility. I have to admit that there is NO effective treatment for obesity.

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