Eggplant & Pancakes

by MB
(Napa, CA)



I would (and have) totally recommended Cari's class and hope to take it again when she has one.

I have taken her "DDLL" class here in Napa and also attended a talk she gave to the local women's club and enjoyed both.

It is amazing how sharing everyone in the class was. We all journeyed on different paths to meet at Cari's class. It was an extraordinary experience. It has started to change my relationship with food and and how I prepare it and what I eat.

About my title:

Eggplant-well you will just have to take the class to find out about this one!

Pancakes-It was a story I told in class that everyone seemed to remember-When I was about 8, my job when we had pancakes on the weekends was to watch the bubbles and let Mom or Dad know when it was time to turn them. I also had an easy bake oven at about 6 or 7 and was cooking little cakes from Jiffy mixes. The memories I have about cooking (before I grew up and it became a work) are really good memories of both my Mom and my Dad.

If you can, take Cari's class, it will change the way you think about food. And if you can't take her class, listen to her speak-and you will want to take her class.

Cari is just a wonderful and caring person and it was a pleasure to meet her and attend her class.

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