End starvation on the planet

by Susan
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

Half of the citizens of the world suffer from overeating and obesity. The other half suffers from starvation and malnutrition. Why is this happening? How is it even possible? How can we fix it?
There is a magic pill. It is instant and experiential -- like finding your balance to ride a bike. Unfortunuately, there is no word in the English language for me to tell you about it -- because the word has been conscripted, stolen, to mean something else.
The people who are overeating and obese never experience hunger because they have been taught from birth that hunger means starvation or malnutrition. So one half of the world eats to avoid any possibility of hunger. Our survival instinct kicks in in two ways: 1) eat to survive; 2)eat to survive later (stock up). There's another easy fix to actually get to hunger, and it's counter-intuitive. Stock up your pantry. Bob Schwarts' rules work: 1) get hungry; eat when you're hungry; 2) eat exactly what you want; 3) stop when the taste disappears. Taste buds work only when you're hungry -- 'work' means they turn on and off.
Hunger is a feeling in the gut, not in the head.
I got to my ideal weight within about 5 years by doing nothing but experiencing hunger every time I ate. I never weighed myself again so I can't give you any numbers. Guesstimate: from 205 to 145. Even more astounding, when I first experienced hunger (3-day liquid fast after Bob's seminar), I instantly remembered the last time I had felt hunger. I was about 11. My first diet started about then.

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