Everyone thinks I'm stubborn, misinformed and unduly suspicious

by Ophelia
(New York, NY)

I've always argued-- not against breakfast--but against believing in correlation as causation when it comes to eating breakfast.. I think that the food industry has a lot of influence on what research is done and how it is presented to the mainly overweight, generally forlorn consumer population..yet every time I forgo breakfast in the presence of my family and friends, they either say "you're wrecking your body's metabolism" or they shake their head in disappointment/ disbelief. I don't consistently eat breakfast in the morning, and normally go with how I feel or what I remember eating last night: if it was a big dinner, I ignore the misleading "hunger" signals in the morning. I am able to control what I eat when I do get hungry, but sometimes it doesn't even occur until late in the day. I am a normal (non-inflated) weight and I do my share of physical activity. I think that gaining weight definitely has more to do with poor eating habits than with when you eat. I am so glad to have found this article! I thought I was irrationally stubborn or just plain ignorant.

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Feb 27, 2015
Don't eat breakfast unless you are hungry
by: Cari

Hi Ophelia - i've been away from my site for a while so I am
sorry I am only getting back to you now. I'm glad you found this article helpful. Many people have the same experience you do with friends and family who believe the breakfast food companies research and are relieved to find they are not crazy:) Well done for listening to your body.

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