Everyone wants 'fastest weight loss' - but is it healthy?

fastest weight loss

If you've come to my website looking for fastest weight loss strategies, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I've answered enough questions at Yahoo and AllExperts.com to know that quickest weight loss is what everyone seems to want.  However the faster the weight loss, the worse it is for your health and the faster you will regain what you have lost back.  It's as simple as that.  Put another way speedy weight loss is probably the quickest way to erode your health in the long term.  And that's besides the point even that your body may not even need to lose weight to be healthy. And we haven't even spoken about how many of these lose weight quick products eventually land up getting banned.

Don't trust ads for fastest weight loss

There are plenty of gee whizz-sounding promises out there and here's the strange thing: at some or other level we all already 'know' that they really are unrealistic, but there's this other part of us that just can't resist trying yet another one that promises those results we so badly want.  But here's why fastest weight loss ads are so alluring to us, other than those famous before and after pics:

What's alluring about them is unfortunately also what keeps us hooked and going back for more! Fast weight loss products mean that you DO experience that thrill of seeing quick results. After all - ALL diets work in the very short term - if by 'work' you mean see those numbers on the scale going down. And, when you've struggled with your weight endlessly, that can be a pretty addictive feeling.

It feels like water falling on a parched desert to hear the compliments! It's great for our self-esteem.  We all love to be told we're looking fabulous AND of course asked how we achieve it. 

But it's a bit like that play when the lights go down because just as the spotlights when you're on stage are bright and the audience applause is loud, but the flip-side can be pretty devastating! Thats the weight rebound side which is when they turn around and make you feel as if you're the diet failure. 

The other fabulous thing about fastest weight loss products is that they give us hope. Hope that finally we're going to turn our lives around. And hope is a beautiful thing. The only problem though is that to continually hope only to find out it was false hope can be pretty devastating.

Fastest weight loss = fastest regain

You know how you reach that point when people stop telling you you've lost weight, and we no longer feel that high? Ever noticed how that can set us off eating again? Or, when something negative happens and suddenly you find yourself throwing that fastest weight loss diet in the garbage along with the candy and cake wrappers you're suddenly bingeing on?

And, have you ever noticed just how quickly the weight we lost finds us again? But the REAL problem is one you can't see - it's how that fast weight loss and then regain changes our physical body composition in important ways so that the result is:

  1. Our body becoming BETTER at storing food as fat than before we went on the diet. This is fatal for your future weight management and will make it vastly more difficult to keep your weight down. That's why you often lose weight increasingly slower (even with so called fastest weight loss plans), and gain it back ever faster. And over time, you're actually dieting yourself fatter.
  2. It changes your all important basal metabolism so that even if you appear to have lost weight you're burning fewer calories and losing metabolic fitness.
  3. Because of the disproportionate regain of fat over muscle lost dieting, any health improvements we saw with the weight loss will have worsened by the time you've gained it all back again. And what's worse is that we only have to gain back a quarter of what we lost to lose the full health benefits we gained with the initial fastest weight loss. 
  4. Besides which.... you can be healthy at every size - yes you can! For much more detail on on the above list, be sure to check out these powerful diet myths.

And there's another problem with fast weight loss. The amount of shame you feel is devastating to your confidence.  I always hated myself when I'd gained back all I'd lost PLUS some extra as well. And it gets progressively more difficult for you get up the motivation the next time round and even when you do get down to it, deep down you're already believing this one won't work either and then the laws of attraction come into play as well.One more thing about fastest weight loss....It's practically guaranteed to get you stuck in Diet City a pretty miserable place to find yourself. We've been so conditioned to think 'take a pill,' or 'buy a product', or 'sign up for a weight loss program' that it probably doesn't cross our minds to think that stopping dieting is even a possible solution.

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