We're easily conned by food advertising lies

Most of us don't think about food advertising lies but we should!  Here's a little secret you should know.  People who live to over 100 don't eat C.R.A.P.  Have you ever noticed something interesting?  The foods that aren't advertised are the ones that aren't processed!  You don't see broccoli 'shouting' about it's benefits!  The foods you do see heavily advertised are the ones that you should most avoid if you want to live long and strong and achieve natural longevity.

The kinds of foods not prevalent in the diets of those people who live to over 100

Most of us probably just like how food marketing appeals to our eye, or we think it's colourful and fun. But if you think using Barney, Superman and other kid-friendly characters is good...perhaps it's time to reconsider that!

Marketers are paid a pretty penny to come up nice-sounding food advertising lies supported by eye-catching packaging, clever advertising lines and catchy jingles. How else do they grab and hold your attention when they have a window of only a few seconds to pull in your attention and make you reach for their product amongst the thousands?

Food Advertising Lies are designed to mislead us!

Bear in mind, there's plenty of competition.  In America there are something like 60 000 items in a grocery store! Bright and glossy packaging line our grocery shelves and with the variety of food products available to us, as consumes we have plenty of choice. So what makes us choose one product over another? What gets our wallets opening fast? Have you ever considered that food advertising lies may just be one of the biggest food marketing cons around?

Let me give you just one example:

Marketers love splashing words in big, bold and colorful letters across a product that imply their product is healthy whereas the fine print (like the ingredient table) shows a totally different view. Chocolate pastry may be “RICH IN MAGNESIUM, CALCIUM and VITAMINS’ but at the same time if you looked at the ingredient table you’ll see way high percentages of sugar, salt and fat.  Food marketers boast at their conventions about how successful their food marketing cons are - and how easily we are duped by pretty and misleading packaging.

PS...check this out for yourself...the righter and 'louder' the packaging claims - the more processed it's likely to be. 

Food marketing cons and children

When I was researching Mom, Pass the Broccoli - I came across the work of Dr. Susan Linn, a Harvard researcher and Associate Director at the Judge Baker Children's Center, who has written an amazing book on how advertising aimed specifically at children (a market estimated at $15 Billion a year) has exploded making it extremely difficult for children to set limits at home as food advertising lies aimed specifically at our children undermine these efforts.  Her book: Consuming Kids - The Hostile Takeover of Childhood, is a brave attack on Corporate America as she exposes their shenanigans for what they are.

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    This is what dietician, Christine Stent-Pinha (Johannesburg, South Africa) said about the information in this report: 

    "WOW – You are brave, I think you have said what alot of people think and would like to say but don’t.  And you know what – it NEEDS to be said. You made points that were quite eye opening.  Definitely a lot of “food for thought” that did 2 things to me: I) Got me quite wound up at the way things work out there and how we as the consumer are being so emotionally manipulated. 2) Reading this made me WANT TO DO MORE in terms of how I react to the world out there and it really motivated me to WANT to make changes in my own childrens lives (and although I had some knowledge of the points you brought up – purely because of my nutritional background) – even I was shocked and motivated at once! 

    Diane, a consumer from North Wales, PA, USA said this about the special report on food advertising lies:

    Cari, the subtle way marketers use words to con us was absolutely enlightening! Those small wording changes the food industry makes, affects our health and gives us the wrong impression about the choices we make. It upsets me that the food industry misuses "our trust" in what they present as true. 

    The food marketing secrets will absolutely change the way I shop. I read the labels on the products I buy, but you have definitely made me aware of things that I overlooked. Thank you for making me aware of how I can help my family and myself to become better consumers. I am looking forward to the next report in your series! 

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