Have legs will walk

by Lynette
(Cape Town, South Africa)

We moved recently (at work) and for the last 6 weeks, the one thing that I have done every morning is to climb from the basement to the 2nd floor (70 steps) each morning, I dont' use the lift at all unless I am in a hurry or late for a meeting. I still get a bit out of breath when I get to the top but at the end of the day the feeling of having done it far outways the panting or slightly saw legs.

I find it invigorating as i need to also carry my laptop bag, so my body-fun is a combination of strenghthening leg muscles which is very good for my chronic back problem and it's good for
the heartrate.

Recently we had a health day at work, my BP, cholesterol and glucose were all very good. People were expecting it to be bad as I am "overweight" in terms of the BMI they calculate. I was not surprised that my BP etc was normal, but they seemed to be - strange how that keeps happening ....

I absolutely love taking the dogs for a walk and take the kids on their bikes on the weekend and it does not feel like a chore.The freshness of the breeze and being close to nature revitalises the soul esp on Sundays when we start winding down and preparing mentally for the new

Keep up all the good work and I will keep visiting the site and remaining positive and becoming happier in my skin.

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