Healthy Eating for Kids

Healthy Eating for Kids is both easier and more difficult than you think.  

  • But if you worried about a your child's eating....
  • confused by all the conflicting nutritional messages....
  • and not sure what really is a healthy diet for kids....
  • I can't say I blame you.  There are so many conflicting messages about healthy eating for kids and adults even.  One day margarine is good, the next it's bad.  Here are 3 principles around a healthy diet for kids that will ensure you children land up making healthy nutritional choices.

    1. Caregivers are their role-models.  How well do you eat?  What example do you set?  
    2. You need to provide children with a reasonable selection of foods - including play foods which children are allowed to eat without being made to feel it's wrong.
    3. Then you need to let children choose what they want to eat, when they want to eat and how much to eat - and so long as you allow that - surprisingly enough children (as research by Dr. Leanne Birch and others shows) make pretty balanced choices over time without any adult guidance.

    So here's what I want to make clear about The Green Eating's really only a playful way to get children back to eating they would naturally. 

    Moms 'n Dads - the Green Eating Guide is a playful approach to healthy eating for kids. You and your kids will love it because it's fun, it's colorful, it's extremely practical and it's basic premise is that the more processed a foodstuff, the unhealthier it is.  

    The Eating Green Guide is a kid-friendly educational tool that will transform your families eating habits. Think: Kids eating healthy! 

    I first wrote about it in: "Mom, pass the broccoli" (also published as 'Get your Child to Eat Healthy the 'Easy Peasy' Way') and everyone who read it loved it and wanted more....the healthy eating for kids - Eating diet for kids.

    It's fresh, it's great fun and it's simple to follow

    The Stoplight Diet

    The Eating Green Eating Guide will:

  • dissolve your desperation about how to get your child to eat more vegetables
  • teach your children about good nutrition using games and fun exercises
  • take away your need to worry about calories forever - definitely healthy eating for kids that you want to encourage.
  • reduce food fights at the dinner table!
  • It's a way to introduce a healthy diet for kids into your home.

    This healthy eating for kids approach to eating healthy has been developed by Cari Corbet-Owen, a South-African trained Clinical Psychologist and author.  Not only has Cari written for almost every major magazine, and been a regular radio and TV guest regarding food and eating issues, but she has also served as the consulting psychologist to SANEP (South African Nutrition Experts Panel) and been on the advisory Board of 'Shape Magazine' and 'The South African Journal of Natural Medicine.'

    The Green Eating healthy eating for kids guide uses the stoplight diet approach combined with your child's hand to make a healthy diet for kids really easy.

    GREEN these foods you and your children can eat frequently

    ORANGE - these foods need to be eaten in moderation

    RED - these foods need to be eaten in very limited quantities

    Imagine your child being able to look at a food aisle and using their hand be able to tell you if the food is something that is green, orange or red.  That's healthy eating for kids from them!

    It's underlying principle is to give children and parents ONE simple over-arching guideline to follow. Yes - just ONE! It's this 
    ONE single guideline that cuts through all the BS out there and that leads to healthy eating for kids and parents. No more, confusion! It's THAT simple! 

    Cari, thank you for this bright, colorful, fun and very informative way to introduce eating to my family. Health and nutrition are subjects very important to me. Teaching children to take responsibility for their health and nutrition at an early age, and making it fun, should be on every school curriculum! Your Green Eating Guide is absolutely beautiful, the approach is clear and realistic. I love how it encourages families to interact as well as teaching thinking skills that children can continue to use and incorporate into their lives. (Diane from North Wales, PA, USA)

    The Green Eating Guide =
    Healthy Eating for Kids 

    The Green Eating Guide combines the familiar traffic light signals with our human hand, giving you and your children an easy to understand and fun way to :

    Healthy Diet for Kids Secret #1

    teach your children (and you) simple and sensible eating guidelines that will be as true 100 years from now as they are today. No more need to be frustrated by ever-changing nutritional research. These principles are so simple you'll wonder why no-one has ever told you about them before. They're like your child having their own 100% accurate food compass!

    Healthy Eating for Kids Secret #2

    help children 'get' what food and beverages are good for healthy bodies and which aren't.  Using these supermarket and table games, they'll learn which foods are 'Green for Go, Yellow for Slow' and 'Red for Stop'foods.

    Kids eating healthy Secret #3

    they'll soon be able to look at your pantry shelves or their dinner plate and know what is a green, yellow or red food.  When children feel 'clever and acknowledged,' it's amazing what it does to their wanting to eat what they feel 'right about.'

    Healthy diet for kids Secret #4

    It'll turn grocery shopping with your children from nightmare into a fun game. It's a great fun and eductional way to interact with your kids.  It'll help you get out of the store with less whining and when children feel like they have had a choice in what they are eating - they will eat more willingly.

    Green Cooking, just like Green Eating -  has one simple rule: It simple and easy and.... there is also no calorie-counting or anything complicated.

    Green eating and a healthy diet for kids

    1. A list of the 4 Food Allies you need to focus on including 

    2. Games to:
      1) introduce your children to The Green Eating Guide, 
      2) understand and compare food labels and
      3) to make grocery shopping more fun and educational.

    3. Research findings that inform the The Green Eating Guide way of eating 

    4. Examples of product comparisons to illustrate how to easily utilize The Green Eating Guide.

    5. Fun ideas on keep your family beverages green

    6. And that's not all, because the Green Eating Guide prides itself in being comprehensive when it comes to a healthy diet for kids, you'll also find loads of other tips that will help you judge overall how green, yellow or red your children (and you) are eating. You'll be introduced to easy peasy ways to know if your: 

    7. Green shopping guides and games'?

    8. A way to look at your garbage to get an idea of just how 'green' or 'red' your families eating is.

    9. Your food preparation chart

    10. A fabulous visualization track to help you and your children become more body wise

    11. A fabulous fridge poster to remind you of the Green Eating Guide

    Professionals also think that the Green Guide as a way to have healthy eating for kids is awesome

    Here's what Liezel Gordon Psychologist from Townsville, Australia who want to promote healthy eating for kids says: "The “Green Eating Guide” by Cari Corbet-Owen provides a one-size-fits-all solution to the dilemma of healthy eating for families. The green eating principles are simple enough for children to follow, and yet the benefits can be enjoyed by people from age 2 years to 102." 

    “Food battles” between parents and their children are commonplace – as a mother myself and a psychologist who frequently assists families and children with dietary concerns, I can vouch for this. The Eating Green plan offered by Cari seems so sensible and easy to follow, one wonders why no-one has come up with the concept before now. 

    The Eating Green guide turns good eating habits into something children can adopt with excitement and enthusiasm, and takes the tedium out of learning.  A wonderful approach, it puts parents and children on the same team regarding healthy diets, allowing them to explore the concept together. The Green Eating system draws children into shared responsibility for their eating habits, instead of dumping on parents the burden of having to police their child’s diet. 

    One of the greatest outcomes of the guide, is that it educates children about healthy eating, and instills in them sound habits and principles which they can apply for life. So they don’t just benefit from the program as children, but can reap the rewards well into adulthood – a plan of healthy eating for life. "

    The researched, scientific approach underpinning the “Green Eating Guide” allows parents to incorporate it into the family lifestyle with confidence. I suggest you read the guide, colour in the hand, and revel in the simplicity of the plan

    How many times haven't you landed up wasting $50 or more on a visit to a dietician or nutritionalist only to look back and find you still haven't implemented the healthy diet for kids that you were given for little Johnny or little Jill? What emotional price have you been paying as you worry about your child's weight and health? 


    For that incredibly low price The Green Eating Guide with all it's fun tips, tools and game tactics can be yours to introduce to your family. Remember....with this special time limited offer you get:

    1. The Colorful Green Eating Guide
    2. The fridge poster
    3. The powerful visualization MP3
    4. Your food preparation chart

    And just so you know.... you have nothing to lose because I'm so confident that you will love The Green Eating Guide that 


    You get access to The Green Eating Guide plus your bonus ereport through a safe and secure transaction. We'll send you an email with your downloads once your your order is approved, you will be able to download it. It's that easy. You don't have to wait for days or even weeks until the mailman brings your package.

    Download your ecopy of The Green Eating Guide now, and begin your journey to inner transformation and the weight loss that accompanies those changes. The Green Eating Guide is a PDF file that you read immediately on your computer, and the CD is an MP3 file you can download and listen to anytime. You can also print a hard copy and read it anywhere, even in bed. Don't delay - start your child's new green life right away.

    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your PDF file. If you don't have this installed on your computer, you can download it for free, from the Adobe website.

    PS: Don't delay, I want you to be thinking what registered nurse, Julie did:Cari the Green Eating Guide is JUST WHAT I NEED! With food and exercise I have been swinging wildy from hedonism to perfectionism. I am very thankful for you bringing me fun, practical, helpful insight to me! Thank you God! (Julie Robinson, Placerville, California) 

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