A Healthy Weight Loss Plan  - is it really?

What is 'a healthy weight loss plan' - are you confused?  Are you a repeat dieter who has spent thousands on unhealthy diets and potential toxic diet products that haven't worked?  Have you listened to multiple bits of supposed 'healthy weight loss plan advice' that have you questioning whether you need to cut our carbs?  or cut out fats?  Cut out dairy?  Cut out wheat?  Do you just feel like you really don't even know what is healthy anymore?

So let's tackle a few weight loss advice myths from the get-go before I tip you off to the best healthy weight loss plan that there is. So here goes....

  • Who says you even have to lose weight?  If you want to lose weight for health reasons....did you know that there is pretty good science that says that the group of people who live the longest is in the so-called >25-<30 BMI range?  
  • Did you know that in the final analysis weight itself if pretty benign as Health Prof Linda Bacon told me during this interviewand Dr. Lucy Aphramor reiterated when I chatted to her.  There are other factors, like stress, stigmatization and poverty that have a much larger effect? 
  • If you're looking for a healthy weight loss plan because of thin privilege, in other words thin, taut etc... are lauded as perfect size bodies and treated better ...then it could be time for a paradigm shift.    
  • Have you noticed how even places like Weigh Watches and Jenny Craig are now talking about how theirs is a healthy weight loss plan?  They may be using different words because, like us repeat dieters they know that the word is out...diet's don't work, however, dig just below the surface and they're still using the same old, same old methods where weight loss is the focus instead of simply having health at every size.  

Could this be your story? " I've been a chronic dieter trying to lose weight (unsuccessfully) for about three years now. I'm ALWAYS watching what I'm eating, counting calories, choosing my workouts based on most calories burned, and so on and so on. I've finally decided that I'm just done! I'm tired of obsessing about what to eat, when to eat and I've tried it all! Juice fasting, IIFYM, IF, ADF, Fast 5. Ugh! Just tired. I really felt like a hamster running in the wheel. And I'd LOVE for my body to reach it's natural weight, whatever that might be. I've decided I'm done with the scale (daily weigher here) and just enjoy my meals and life!" 

Like this forum member have you reached a point of desperation where you just want to stop dieting, make peace with food and your body, but where you realize you need a natural weight loss plan?

Would you like this to happen to you?: "I used to binge on sweets, especially chocolate. I could not have them in the house without binging on them." to "now I don't binge on sweets and chocolates anymore. I have a bunch right here in my office...no big deal. When I feel hungry and want chocolate, that's what I eat. I savor it. I enjoy every morsel. Lo and behold, the amounts I eat are a block here or there and I am satisfied. A funny thing is that before I'd eat chocolate chips by the bagful. I used to do the same thing with donuts...buying a box "supposedly for everyone, of course", then eating them all myself.

It’s true! You already have the tools within you (and you always have had) to reach your perfect size only your happy size may not be what our culture thinks it should be.  When you are body-wise and following a diet of self-love combined with intuitive eating and the knowledge that you can have health at every size you can reach your happy size all naturally. You don't need a scale - you can ditch that misery-maker.

And it’s been with you your whole life, you just didn’t know how incredibly powerful this healthy weight loss plan is. 

I’d like to show you how to use this simple ally to get you the happy, satisfying life you deserve… a changed life with a healthy self-image. Learn how to get the body your body wants:

  • Without deprivation
  • Without counting calories or weighing food
  • Without spending one more dollar on fad diet products
  • When you get your 'mind' over the whole fat phobic issue and focus your attention on gaining health and gaining self-love, instead of losing weight, something magical happens. That's why we call this healthy weight loss plan MIND OVER FATTER.

    mind over fatter

    Healthy Weight Loss Secret #1

    Mind Over Fatter will show you how to shift your focus from losing something (weight) to gaining something (self-love, freedom and being healthy at every size). The natural result of this is that you will reach your perfect size, the size that is uniquely right for your body - a happy size. 

    Nobody likes to be told what to do, least of all be forced into following restrictive diet ‘dos and donts’. In fact it's guaranteed to get you bingeing more, not less. But your body has a very successful system to self-regulate it's weight - we just have to get old diet ideas out of the way.

    Healthy Weight Loss Secret #2

    When you make choices based on wanting to have health at every size (HAES), not because you have to, you don’t need willpower. When you change your mind, and allow your body to lead you, if you need to lose weight, you will. You'll lose your food obsessions and gain: freedom from dieting, self-esteem and a happy body. 

    "I finally realized that after my 2 year journey to lose weight and constantly counting calories and eating on a timetable I had forgotten how to just eat. I didn't know when I was full, when I was hungry, or what my body even wanted." 

    Natural Weight loss Secret #3

    As children, we never had to think about exercising because our playtime, no matter what the activity, was our exercise. Exercising is work and takes willpower, fun is play and is easy to do.

    Turn exercise into play with revolutionary ideas that make being active enjoyable. Something you 'want' to do, no longer something you 'have to' do. Just a small shift in how you view your activities will help you look forward to them, not dread them. No willpower needed.

    "I can define the diet mentality in just one word - FITSPIRATION. I'm getting enraged, with the pressure to be thin (with muscle definition) under the mask of health and fitness."

    "I can't tell you how much fitness club memberships and home fitness equipment I bought that never get used. But I love to dance, and I love to walk - now I'm doing them and loving it. I never realized that I could just do what I love and what a difference it would make to my life."

    Why doesn't even a 'health weight loss plan' work?

    Fair question. You see, they encourage a diet mentality where we’ve trained our minds and bodies to expect to be deprived, with every new diet fad that we’ve tried. And all a diet mentality does is to make you feel trapped and all you want to do is to escape from all those restrictions.  Besides which... your biology will work against you when you deprive your body of food...and inevitably you'll land up bingeing down the line.

    "Already I have been amazed in the process of eating the foods that I want and how lessened the urge to binge has become."

    "I labeled pizza one of those "evil" forbidden foods. When I allowed myself to have a piece without guilt, I realized I didn't like it; I didn't even end up finishing the slice. Now, when I see that pizza, I don't see something forbidden, but rather something I simply don't want."

    "I've observed that when I don't focus on the calorie count of food, I'm more in tune with my body. Limiting myself to a certain caloric number makes all food restricted, which means I eat more. When I see food as simply food -- not a number -- I am struck by the clarity of how easy it is to say no (or yes).

    mind over fatter

    The Mind Over Fatter program is a proven way to:

    • grow your self and size acceptance
    • free you from dieting and a diet mentality - forever.
    • free you from thinking that carrots are good and chocolate is bad
    • free you from all the self-blaming and shaming 
    • free you from calorie counting and food tracking
    • free you from thinking of exercise as a bore and a chore teach you how to honor the wisdom of your body because that is the only health weight loss and natural weight loss plan there is.

    The Mind over Fatter program is currently closed to new participants - please sign up for our body-wise zine to find out when our waiting list will be opening up again."  Or let me know on the form below that you're interesting in hearing when we're ready to take on more participants

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