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Searching for healthy weight loss tips, that are also all natural weight loss tips?  You're not alone - many people are exhausted by all their yo-yo and unhealthy fad dieting attempts, along with all the erroneous weight loss advice out there. 

  • Would you like natural and healthy weight loss tips that you can take with you anytime and anywhere?
  • Are you wanting to find your happy body size without any special equipment, calorie counters or food scales?
  • Are you tired of wasting money on products that not only don't work but are toxic for your body?
  • Healthy Weight Loss Tips -
    Trust your Body

    healthy weight loss tipsYour body has a cycle

    Did you know that your body has an internal cycle?  I'll never forget going to an acupuncturist for an issue I was having with my spleen and I mentioned that I hadn't slept well the night before because I'd had a glass of wine with my dinner and I noticed that any time I did that I woke up around 2-3am and then couldn't get back to sleep.  She mentioned that that's around the time that the spleen is doing some important work.  

    You don't trust your body? Well guess what, after all the years that you've listened to and expert outside your body, your body can't be blamed for not trusting YOU to feed it well either! The constant restriction, monitoring and scrutiny of all those decades of dieting has made your body nervous. Any time you cut out a food group, or forbid your body to eat a certain food for any length of time time,  it starts to crave it. I'll give you an example.

    Susan says: "For 25 yrs of my life I drank a glass of milk every day. I never wanted more. I never thought about this, never monitored it, never kept a diary about it and it never occurred to me to judge it. I woke up, had a glass of milk, and went about my merry way. For 25 years!   But last spring I was having issues with a postnasal drip and was instructed to give up milk (along with other dairy products). So I stopped. For 8 months I drank no milk. I missed it and I craved it, it really bothered me that I couldn't have it. Finally,  my doctor said I could have  milk again so long as I restricted it to one glass only.  But guess what, one glass just isn't what my body wants anymore. Now, I crave it, I notice it everywhere I shop whereas I didn't previously.  I could drink 6 glasses.  Do you see what I mean? For 25 years of unrestricted milk drinking all I ever wanted was 1 glass. But as soon as it became something I couldn't have,  or that I was told I needed to restrict and monitor I wanted MORE!"  Your body does this any time you restrict or deprive yourself of it.  If you trusted your body -it leads you to eat naturally and that's one of the best healthy weight loss tips there is.  

    Healthy Weight Loss Tips - 
    Don't make it a big deal!

    Steve Trimby - Optometrist, Somerset West says this about one of the healthy weight loss tips he uses - for those times when we socialize and overdo it- and don't we wish we could find an easy way to do that guilt-free and then just get right back on track again?

    "My sister and brother-in-law were here this weekend and we had a Chinese meal out on Friday night, a braai on Saturday night and fish and chips at Bertie's Mooring on Sunday afternoon. I also got through 6 large beers and at least one bottle of wine AND I had some chocolates. Today, with no effort, I am back to my usual healthy eating. I didn't feel great after the weekend's excesses - I feel better already and will eat healthy all week again without feeling that I am torturing myself."

    Steve over-indulged, and noticed he didn't feel good, but instead of guilting himself and making himself wrong - he simply acknowledged that he'd overdone it and moved on.  Don't you sometimes over-indulge on alcohol - so you go out and have a bender.  Now if alcohol isn't your issue don't you just notice that you maybe didn't feel great and then go back to not drinking all that much without making a big song and dance about it?

    One of the best healthy weight loss tips I can give you is not to have black and white perfectionistic thinking.  That's guaranteed to lead to guilt which, makes it even harder because if you're an emotional eater you often turn to eating again to push that guilt down.

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