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Feb 13, 2012
I feel your pain
by: Jenny Henrick

Hi Stephanie
I SO feel your pain. I also LOVE food and everything about it. I love cooking and I love eating. There is no bigger treat you could give me than giving me something nice to eat. I love shopping for food, reading food mags, watching food programmes - you name it. Food is my middle name! My weight has been a highest of 119kgs and a lowest (in recent times) of 90. (I am currently 107) Yes, you've guessed it - the dreaded scale has made an appearance again. I have been on the Tony Fergusson diet where you only have 2 shakes a dat and one meal and turned into the most miserable bitch you could ever imagine - I even hated myself.
I have tried to calm down and started reading/doing my Mind Over Fatter programme from the beginning again. Why are we so scared to trust ourselves? Why are we so scared that if we say goodbye to the scale and eat what we want, out bodies will balloon out of all proportion? The fear is the worst thing, I think. My body tries to make it's voice heard but my head effectively silences it and has it's own demands and, unfortunately, the head usually wins.
My advice to you is to go on the Mind Over Fatter programme. Stop this diet which is making you so miserable. There has to be more to life than feeling so unhappy! Look for me on Facebook - Jenny Henrick. Lets help each other. I promise to be there for you , if I can.
Let me know how its going.

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