Hoo Boy menopause isn't for sissies

by Corne

Breasts, upper abdomen,tummy and arms..... they all seem to have expanded... it's almost as if some wicked elf stopped by one night and wrapped an extra duvet around my middle. My clothes are tighter, I feel heavier and what you say makes such sense but it sure isn't easy to live with. Thanks for a really fabulous website, there is so much helpful info and wisdom here.

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Dec 08, 2008
Whew - I thought I was alone!
by: Anonymous

At 57 (several years past the start of my menopause) I started to see an increased waistline and a belly (I had always been proud of my flat belly; post 2 kids!) My pants are tight and I feel fat. After reading this website I feel better (misery loves company!). But I intend to battle this bulge and try to lose the 5 - 7 pounds that I have accumulated in the last few months.

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