How do I find my inner rebel to help me escape dieting?

by Lori

I love how you spoke about your inner rebel but how do i find mine? She seems to be absent, or asleep - I've been 'the good girl' for so long that's how I got into be that good girl who was at least Ok because she was 'trying' to do something about her weight.

PS... this is such an awesome website - it has so much unusual information that you don't see just anywhere

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Jul 27, 2015
Inner Rebel connection
by: Katcha

Hi Lori, sorry to be slow in responding to your question, I am new to Cari's site and aren't as checked out on how it functions.

It was very difficult to NOT 'notice' my inner rebel because dear little Katcha was just NOT going to be ignored and would 'run with scissors' until I DID pay attention to her.

At first I reacted to her as I probably had myself reacted to when I was young - I labeled her 'bratty and demanding'. When I did realize that being ignored would make anyone want to react 'bratty and demanding', I then paused and asked myself if she was being 'bratty' OR if she was seriously trying (and trying and trying!) to TELL me some VALID thing? Once I acknowledged that this 'rebel' had a purpose AND that this awareness effort had always been for the intention of MY OWN GOOD, my reaction switched from ignore to attention.

Once I recognized how valuable a resource my inner rebel was, I began to pay her as much attention as I could. Initially 'she' kicked into high gear and all the information that had been discounted and/or ignored came flooding out in a tirade that nearly overwhelmed me! But knowing that was to be expected from a compressed, surpressed source being released (like a soda can left out in the sun!), I let the energy go forth, and slowly began reacting - correctly - to each bit as I was able.

HOW to connect up with YOUR inner rebel? I found a photo of myself when I was a very little girl, framed it and placed it right on my desk (and computer desktop too). I smiled each time I saw that 'darling little girl' and let her know how valuable and loved she was to me. As 'she' came to feel the sincerity of those words, our connection grew and now serves us both like it never could before.

I do hope you can and will do whatever you can to discover, honor and let your inner rebel know you respect the valuable information that she alone can give to you. She has been forced into 'good girl SILENCE' too long! And its past due time for her to be a happy part of you that was all she ever has wanted to be.

BEST wishes.

Jul 21, 2015
Color with all the crayons in your box
by: Cari

Hi Lori
What Jen says is so truant I love her idea that you write down instances where your inner rebel could have stood up for you so that you 'built awareness' and over time are able to take corrective action.
The other day i was interviewing Karen Koenig (author of 6 books on eating) and she has a book called Nice Girls Finish Fat - and she was saying that she has to teach 'nice girls' to use ALL the color crayons in the box, not just the nice crayon to live a full and rich life. I've found that very helpful as well.

Jul 21, 2015
Value yourself
by: Jen Henrick

Hi Lori
I think that when you value yourself about everything, your inner rebel will leap out of the closet. We are taught from a young age to put others before ourselves and that being 'good' is defined by that.
Start thinking about ways that you can voice what it is that you really want. Evaluate situations and comments against 'is this really what I want or am I doing it to make someone else happy'. I was a 'people pleaser' for most of my life and I don't mean that in a horrible way. I have now come to realise that I am the most important person in my life and if I am happy and fulfilled, I have so much more to give others.
Keep a note book if you like and write down instances where your inner rebel could have stood up for you.
I'd love to hear how you are doing in the future.

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