So you're wanting to know how to lose weight naturally?

Why are you asking how to lose weight naturally?  It's probably because you've finally admitted to yourself that diets don't work and maybe even that diets are dangerous.  You may also wanting to lose weight because you believe that you have to be thin in order to be happy and healthy.  Truth is happiness comes in all shapes and sizes because happiness is an internal event.

self love, HAES principles (Health at Every Size) and Intuitive Eating and are keys to help you be body wise and your perfect size,  stop those 'I hate my body thoughts' and food obsessions

When you are body-wise you won't have to ask how to lose weight naturally because you will IF your body needs to. What's important though is to remember is that health comes in ALL sizes, not just skinny.  Far more important than the weight you are.. is being at peace with your body, being at ease around food, living, loving, laughing and connecting.  And please, please don't want until you're skinny to do those.  Because these are the elements that have more to do with health than your weight, or how much weight you lose.  (In fact the latter may even be bad for you skinny people don't live as long as overweight people)

Instead of wondering how to lose weight naturally - ask how can I follow my kids example and be HEALTHY and hearty.

Watch young children, unless our cultural bias has already eroded their minds, notice that happy kids come in all shapes and sizes.  They play actively (you just try to keep up with any youngster for a day), put them in front of a mirror and they think they're fabulous so they're constantly flooding their biochemistry with healthy and happy endorphins.  And if we could capture and bottle their zealous and joy-filled way of living for adults, we wouldn't have to worry about how to lose weight naturally because we'd realize that health is not about our weight, shape or size.

We'd be body-wise and whatever happens to be our happy size and we wouldn't be constantly worrying about what that is.  Health is about being in love with life.  Imagine being able to enjoy eating, enjoy movement and be kind to yourself, the way young children do?  They don't worry and obsess about every calorie that passes their lips, they don't jump on a treadmill and keep looking at their stop watch wondering how soon they can stop being active.   

how to lose weight naturally

Asking a question like... how to lose weight naturally... wouldn't even cross our minds if we lived more in the minds, hearts and body's of children.

  • MIND -by being more carefree and happy as children are before the world starts eroding their natural joy-filled approach to living
  • HEART -by taking our quirks and imperfections a little less seriously - you know like children don't even know they have any until the world points to them
  • BODY -by becoming more energized, healthier and lighter too: you know how children rush around like Energizer Bunnies? And did you know that before we mess with their inbuilt ability they know when to stop eating? They're naturally body-wise and until we teach them differently they also eat in a more attuned manner.

You really don't need to be asking how can I lose weight naturally - you need to be asking, how can I start living a full and vibrant life today. 

Stop focussing on losing weight and focus on what you can do to gain health and a sense of vibrancy and don't ever diet because that's more likely to mess with your metabolism and upset your body's natural ability to self-regulate its weight which it does magnificently when we stop trying to control it.  

The 'how to lose weight naturally' thoughts you are going through now, are probably just a reaction to trying multiple diets that don't work and buying into a cultural message about thinness which are not even true.  

People come in all shapes and sizes, so do trees, river and animals, so don't let yourself be recruited to thinking that humans all have to come in these 'one-size-fits-all' packages.  You get naturally skinny people who have never dieted, and you get larger people who are simply built that way... in the same way that you get thin birch trees and giant sequoia trees.  

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