Hysterectomy - Could my weight gain be hormonal?

by Ames

48 yr old women, hysterectomy 9 months ago, eating right and working out 4 days a week but can't lose weight, actually gain weight - could hormones imbalance be a problem here.


Reply from Cari:
Hi Lee, it does sound like it may be hormonal, especially if it's around your middle and possibly your breasts. I have read that some women can experience menopausal-like symptoms after a hysterectomy even though technically you aren't in menopause because you still have your ovaries which produce Estrogen. Also, you may find that your sleep patterns have changed with your hysterectomy - a lack of sleep can also cause weight gain. and don't under-estimate the effects of stressing about your weight on the hormone Cortisol which is known to cause weight gain.
Kind regards

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