I am never really hungry....

I agree with listening to your body as for me if I am not hungry if I try to eat or sometimes tell myself I should eat breakfast I get nauseated.
So I agree that listening to your body is the most important information.
However my issue is my body is never really hungry... for the most part I eat when I say to myself hey you haven't eaten all day and it's now 2/3 pm! Then I try to get a snack in me.
For the most part my day starts at 615 am, I get in the car with a can of Pepsi at 7am, at work from 8am - 4pm, throw out the Pepsi I still have open another one around 1 pm, leave work at 4 pm throwing out the can of Pepsi on my way, arriving home at 5 pm, eat supper around 6 pm which is usually meat, veggies with a Pepsi and then maybe a small snack 5-10 crackers, two bite brownie or a cheese string with a Pepsi. That's about it! So most cans of Pepsi are thrown out half full so that would make a total of 2 cans per day.

So my concern is why am I not hungry when I know my body is lacking energy as I am exhausted always!

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Feb 07, 2017
You may have trained your body
by: Cari

It could be that you're not recognizing your hunger cues, or that your body has just become conditioned to when you feed it and so no longer bothers to send you the hunger signals it once did.

When I used to go on ridiculous 'let's not eat diets' - the first day I was totally ravenous and got progressively more hungry as the day went on. But once I'd got past my first day of not eating, it was as if my body had sent me hunger cue after hunger cue and then just given up and said whats the use you're not listening to me. That was how I landed up getting anorexia. Our body hears us and responds accordingly. In your case you may have trained your body when it gets sustenance and so it just goes along with that. My husband drinks coffee all day and only eats one meal at night - he assures me he doesn't get hungry during the day. I don't believe his eating patterns were always this way - I think he's trained his body to eat this way because of his work.

The other possibility is that you're just not recognizing hunger cues. These come in different forms for each of us. For some it's just a gentle fluttering, like a soft whisper - and sometimes when we don't slow down enough to listen to our body - that small signal gets over-looked. I know this happens to me sometimes when I'm passionately involved in something and suddenly I can realize, oh my gosh - it's late afternoon and I haven't eaten.

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