I never eat Breakfast. . . . I'm not hungry in the morning!

by Carly
(New York, NY)

I constantly argue with my parents, friends, and coworkers on this issue. I never eat breakfast, I'm just not hungry in the morning. Even when I'm in a situation where I have to eat breakfast due to a meeting etc, it's almost torturous to eat. Everyone keeps telling me "that's not good for you, breakfast is important!" However, I'm also in that boat that no matter if I eat breakfast or not I'm going to be hungry around noon, I feel as though I'm forcing my body to start an eating cycle hours before it's ready which only causes me to eat more than I would if I had just waited. It was so great to read this article and have some light shed on our body's schedule and not hear that dreaded "you have to eat breakfast to lose weight." THANK YOU!

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Feb 28, 2015
Cereal companies and breakfast
by: Cari

Having been involved in the 'research' of a major cereal brand as when I was part of a nutritional panel - i can categorically tell you that what i witnessed was not 'research' but to read the newspaper reports you would have thought it was. Your body will very reliably tell you when it needs food and I totally agree that forcing children to eat breakfast before they are hungry sends them the wrong message. Well done for sticking to yo
ur guns and I'm sorry I'm only answering you now -
I have been away from my site for a few years:)

Oct 01, 2012
I love breakfast
by: Anonymous

I actually get out of bed to go and eat :P I always look forward to it

Mar 23, 2012
I dont like breakfast either
by: Jenny

Hi Carly
I TOTALLY get where you're coming from.
I too am never hungry in the morning. I LOVE my morning cappucino and that is my breakfast (and I don't care if people say its not good for me). That fills me up totally and I then only start getting hungry at around 11am.
I wonder if it's the manufacturers of breakfast cereals that have got us all hung up on breakfast. I have read that even my coffee can start my metabolism and I don't have to feel guilty about not eating.
We (myself included) have bullied our kids into eating when they are not hungry "you have to eat breakfast, you have to finish what is on your plate etc. etc" and thereby created a nation of fat people. Its really difficult to unlearn all that brainwashing but I think that we need to stop feeling guilty because we are not 'conforming' to what is generally believed to be 'the done thing'.
I would say listen to your body and if you dont want breakfast, dont have it. Your body will tell you what it wants, when it wants it.

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