I would gag while eating breakfast

THANK YOU for this article. I would literally gag while I ate breakfast because I bought into the myth that you HAD to eat breakfast- no other option. If I ate breakfast, I would literally regurgitate and gag while eating. Afterwards, I felt sluggish and weighed down and tired and my stomach would hurt. I only eat when I get hungry- otherwise I throw up or feel ill.

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Oct 20, 2011
Breakfast is not for me either
by: Jenny Henrick

I totally agree with you especially when I try to eat soon after waking up. I just can't eat early and I find that the longer I can go without eating, the better my day turns out to be in terms of overeating and cravings. If I start the day by eating earling, I stay hungry the whole day even I I eat tradionally 'good' stuff like oats or all bran. So glad that I now have 'permission' to listen to my body and not buy into the whole 'you have to have breakfast' thing.

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