If I eat breakfast I'm Sluggish

by Carl Sobocinski
(Wonju, Korea)

This is so refreshing to see! I have never liked breakfast, but the mantra "most important meal of the day etc" is so rarely questioned that many people remain horrified to hear that I almost never eat it.

I have been this way my entire life (I am 47). Far from energizing me, if I eat much of anything first thing in the morning I feel bloated and sluggish all day, and am more likely to overeat as the day progresses.

I simply am not hungry in the morning, and I don't see why I should eat if I don't want to. I do enjoy my food, and tend to do most of my eating in the evening. But curiously, I still don't feel like eating in the morning even if I go to bed quite hungry. When I wake up the hunger feelings are gone and don't show up until late morning.

My ideal start to the day is to get up fairly early, drink a quart or so of water, wait for my body to process the water (evacutating the excess via the kidneys!), then go out running for up to several miles. I seem to have accidentally discovered your recommendations on water and exercise in the morning. I have been running since I was 14, and through much experimentation I have found that this approach works for me.

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