I'm a night-timer eater, but only at home

by Christine

I have been a night time eater and then go back to bed once every night. I hate it and I have no control unless I am not in my home. I am open to suggestions. I only know if I am not in my house it does not happen. If I go on vacation in hotel I do not do it. I get up and pee a lot but that is all and feel soooo much better the next day. God I pray on it too a lot. I recently went to beach for 3 day and did not eat at night I slept in hotel I got up and peed but that was it. I felt so much better in the day time.

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Oct 20, 2015
How to figure our what's causing your nighttime eating
by: Cari

Hi Christine - that you can go elsewhere and not indulge in night time eating tells you something pretty important - there is something about your home environment that triggers what I would call either a heart (
- you know when you eat because you're feeling mad, bad, glad or sad) or a head (boredom or habit) hunger. So if you were sitting in my therapy room I'd be asking you these kinds of questions:
Is there perhaps something more exciting happening when you're away from home?
What kinds of foods do you find yourself eating? If they're sweet are you trying to sweeten your homelife? If they're oily are you trying to make your homelife go more smoothly?
Who is at home that isn't there when you're at a hotel? Is there someone at home that bores, frightens or irritates you - and are you trying to push those feelings down? Or is there nobody at home and is food your companion?
I'd suggest you print off this food diary template that I think will help you isolate what is causing it
Good luck

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