I'm fat

by Dana W

I'm fat, I'm fat
There's no denying that.
I try to fit my clothes
doggone... too tight - time to buy more of those

I'm fat, I'm fat
it's not something I can hide with a hat
My face might be pretty
But my body? It's just shitty

I'm fat, I'm fat
damn, bugger, darn and drat
But man I love my food
And stop staring at me would ya dude

I'm fat I'm fat
no sex for me on the mat
Oh heck no I have body shame
Keep away that's my game

I'm fat, I'm fat
So whadya think about that?
It's my cover so you see
It's a way to get men to keep away from me

I'm fat, I'm fat
Me 'n my cat
Mt fat keeps you away
And for now....I need to keep it that way

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