Keep your sense of humor during menopausal weight gain

weight gain is a serious issue that causes heart attacks and many other medical complications. A woman shouldn't be told to keep her sense of humor while packing on the pounds. One should go to your doctor and find a solution, it's that simple. Absolutely we should not settle for weight gain and continue to seek medical help until we can find a healthy solution to such horrible side effects! I plan to!

Note from Cari: Visit your doctor by all means - and while you do that be sure to keep your sense of humor at the same time. There are good medical reasons to laugh, so advising women to keep their sense of humor really is much more serious health advice than it might appear on the surface. And besides, menopause comes with multiple other side effects like a new mustache and flying arms - so keeping your sense of humor about them as well is helpful. After all stress stress is really much more harmful for your health (arguably even more so than weight itself - especially around menopause) and after dealing with many menopausal women I know firsthand how much they stress over everything menopause related.'s another point to ponder....if menopausal weight gain happens to the vast majority of women, then have we ever stopped to consider that their might be something protective about it? I know shock! gasp! horror! How can I even dare suggest that???? Here's how! far as I'm concerned, keeping ones sense of humor is just so much more fun than living a life full of worry and despair given our silly wannabe skinny culture which clashes with our biology.

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