Let's be body friends

by Linda
(Tampa, Florida)

The other day I picked up a card that read: "We'll be friends 'til we're senile and then we'll be new friends!" And I couldn't help thinking how much a bit of senility right now might help us when it came to becoming new friends with our bodies.

Imagine what a difference it would make if we could just have a bit of alzheimers about what the cultural body ideal is - I wonder how much more friendly we'd be with our body?

Imagine what a difference it would make it we had a memory failure that it was so bad for breasts and tummies to be sagging, or that certain foods were apparently illegal? Wow, wouldn't that help us become 'new friends' with our bodies and eating?

Just imagine if we had a bit of senility which helped us forget that it's apparently not 'good manners' to gasp and ooh and ah with delight when food was really awesome? We'd become instantly 'friendly' with eating with absolute enjoyment.

Imagine if we alzheimered our way back to childhood - when an active, running around lifestyle was what we loved and did naturally - if we forgot that exercise has that name and become friends with the idea that it was fun and play again.

Imagine if we had a memory failure about so much cultural nonsense - like that we're apparently worth less when we're packaged in a bigger body - wouldn't we find a new friend in the mirror in a heartbeat.

So how about we all enjoy a few moments of senility and become body friends!

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