by Denise Lourens


My most popular breakfast ideas, are a combination of traditional "boere" breakfast, touched with a flair of the continental, and complimented with home made bread, vetkoek and breakfast quiches in phyllo baskets. Even that very delicate cocktail omlette, filled with the delicasies of the "unknown", brings "ooohs and aaahs" drifitng across the dining deck, above the sound of the waves crashing on the beach!It amazes me tremendously, how very little effort and a lot of creativity, can change a meal that has just the basics, presented with that special touch of TLC :) Believe me, guests from anywhere in the world, are as down to earth as you are (therefore they choose a house apposed to a hotel)and they love the homely atmosphere which has to have bubbley personalities surrounding the "cling clang" of knives and forkes while they eat! So ... STARTER : Love and Personality. BREAKFAST : Cereals with a Fruit Salad and Yoghurt (Never forget to add a dash or two of your favourite "fuit juice concentrate" over the fruit, for that extra mystical touch of "tropical" - next,your cooked breakfast (each day somthing different)- and then, some cute little home made cocktail muffins (different flavours, sprinkled with icing suger) served on a doilied platter, cheese and bisuits (optional) ... your own imagination is what makes the breakfast a feast fit for kings and queens, local or international. Very special "bacon and eggs" are served on half a fresh vetkoek (or English Muffins), layered with swiss chard, fried mushroom, dash of any of the following -cream/hollandaise sause/natural youghurt/cottage cheese/ (you decide) bacon or ham,poached or fired egg, granished with grilled cocktail tomato,fresh dill or spring onion ...
Have a great day ...

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Oct 11, 2011
Good food is a way i express love
by: Jenny Henrick

Denise that sounds Divine!!! And food made and served with love is all the more special. That is one of huge (used to see it as a downfall but trying to look at it more positively) is that I love cooking and that is my way of showing people how much I love them, by cooking them a delicious meal. I'm trying to see it as a huge gift rather than a guilty pleasure. What could be nicer than placing something in front of someone that has been so lovingly thought out and prepared. My partner, Sue, works really long hours and I always try to have something delicious waiting for her when she gets home in the evening. What is your place called? We'll have to look in when we're next in the area.

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