Menopausal Merry-go-Round

by Lynn Kowal
(Kenora, Ontario, Canada)

I keep a bar of chocolate, in my office drawer uptown,
And all day long I look at it, I never scarf it down.

But then when time has finally come, to pack up and go home,
I wave good bye to my dear “friend” to face what’s next, alone.

‘Cause now that I am 54, and menopause is here,
I want that chocolate all night long, I’m in “the change”– that’s clear.

But no way do I bend or bow, to eat that pure sweet stuff,
Cause I’m at home, 5 miles away, and I’ve driven quite enough.

So as the night goes slowly by, making cravings so unfair,
I clench my teeth and think of work, and the chocolate hidden there.

Then next day dawns, I’ve made it through, I’ve woken with the sun,
And I’ve dodged another bullet, from this menopausal gun.

And when I sit at my desk so fair, with it’s secret deep encaged
And I pat my back, with a satisfied smile, I’m winning this war on age !!

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