The Mind over Fatter Roadmap - learn to feel great without ever dieting again

Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised because as the Mind over fatter roadmap to Intuitive eating illustrates the way to give up dieting, isn't to be found in a bottle, or a bunch of pills or even yet another diet. Nope the 'miracle cure' isn't something 'out there' - it's something you already have 'in here'.

Have you noticed how, it only takes a mirror, a scale or a glamour magazine for you to despair about your body?

It's amazing how quickly your self-confidence takes a dive. Wouldn't you love to be immune from that? The Mind over Fatter Roadmap will lead you back down the path of self-love.

It can show you how!

I lived like that for years until I discovered the secret wasn't dieting and the way to permanent body confidence wasn't in another eating or exercise plan, another pill, powder or shake.

I'd been looking in all the wrong places - I'd been looking for solutions outside of myself when....all I needed to do was to access the incredible wisdom I was born with! Yeeeaaah!

I didn't have to bend my whole life around yet another diet regime, I just had to uncover abilities I already had and the Mind over Fatter roadmap maps the route. Wow! After all those years of never-ending dieting - making peace with my body wasnt at all like I expected. 

How do I know? Not only because: I've tried ka-zillion diets and diet products and all they achieved was a fatter me. But also because it's taken me almost:

  • two decades of researching medical and psychological journals,
  • walking my own journey and
  • working with thousands of clients
  • to re-discover what I always knew.

Mind over Fatter roadmap is logical, practical and sensible. It will make you sigh with relief if you're tired of dieting. And it's guaranteed to change your life or your money back!

YOU KNOW IT TOO. You just don't know how to access it....yet!

With the right recipe.
your body confidence can go up
and your weight can go down (if it needs to)
... without ever dieting again.

Now you know how all those famous miracle cures promise how they all 'work'? I have lots of questions about what that word 'works' means.

If weight loss is your obsession for happiness - that turns out to be the problem.

Ironically an obsession with weight loss, food and calories may be what is keeping you trapped on the Diet City treadmill to nowhere. 

For a diet to 'work', it has to:

  • be sustainable for the every day average human being?
  • fold into your life with ease instead of changing your whole life to wrap around it?
  • feel natural (e.g. raw foodism is natural but does it fit your life)
  • exclud restrictive rules that you're going to feel guilty if you break  (this one is HUGE)
  • be something my whole family can live by
  • not cause your body to revolt biologically

Here's why Mind over Fatter works

It's designed with SUCCESS ingredients:

  • a holistic 5-pronged approach
  • delivered with a splash of humour
  • a refreshing all-natural and practical plan
  • and practical exercises to help you make progress
  • as well as .....inspiration to help you succeed in the long term

Our live light products teach you how to lose the mental weight and treat yourself with self-compassion so you can form a new relationship with food, eating and your body.

It teaches you how to get in touch with your own internal appetite suppressants, all without swallowing a single pill.

It'll help you get to the bottom of why you're obsessing over eating because over-eating is just the symptom of something else.

Mind over Fatter gives you the practical tools to be relaxed around food and eating no matter where you go or what food you're facing.

It'll help you discover that exercise can be fun and play too because that makes it sustainable.

Mostly, our focus isn't weight loss - it's health gain and it's often a myth that losing weight is what we need for our health.  Take me to Mind over Fatter.

"Cari is a health tonic: a dose of her wisdom and you’ll feel better for life." Toni Younghusband, Editor of Shape magazine, South Africa

"If you've tried the diets, bought the pills, read the books and still your weight yo-yos - then Mind over Fatter is the non-diet plan for you. Say 'goodbye' to fatness and 'hello' to mental fitness." Ellen Hodgson Brown: author of 11 published books including 'Nature's Pharmacy'

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