My body is going crazy - estrogen weight gain

by Jessie

My body's gone all crazy
and everyone is a noticing - my memory's a wee bit hazy
And neither arem"t because I'm lazy

It's those hormones - no doubt
Estrogen, progesterone and more... that's what it's about
Around my middle and actually um.. just everywhere I'm getting more stout

My jean zip is popping
Those once upright breasts are dropping
And those hot flashes aren't a-stopping

Menopause is no fun
But there's nowhere to hide and no-where to run
My newly acquired moustache and chin hairs are fit to stun

Oh what to do, what to do
Guess I could always bless my feet that still take the same size shoe
And maybe if I bought kinder glasses I'd be able to see something beautiful that's new

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